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Preparing a Business Coursework

If you are hoping to confer any business-related degree, for your A-Levels, you will be studying business management or business administration or any other, you will have to undertake the task of doing business coursework. This type of coursework lays the foundation of knowledge for the future requirements of corporate and business leaders. This is what you are hoping to become. One of the tasks of the coursework is the writing of essays. This enables you to improve your abilities and experience for future report writing and other business-related correspondence. As so much emphasis is placed on the writing of the essays, let’s see how to do so.

Selecting a topic. As with any other essay writing assignment, the selection of a suitable topic is of utmost importance. Most business assignments leave room for you to select your assignment topic. If this is the case, you need to identify the most suitable subject area. This is vital as this assignment is highly subjective because business practices are constantly changing. You should, therefore, select a topic that helps you to aspire more, and make sure this topic is acceptable with the usual requirements of the assignment.

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Approach to the coursework. Your coursework in business can be prepared in many ways. Sometimes, the coursework requirements may provide a strict guideline on the method to be followed. Most times, however, you are left to select the method according to your preferences. Most often, business coursework calls for report writing or essay writing. It is vital that you follow the proper format and structural requirements. This will be specified to you and you need to ensure these are cleared up before you begin your writing task.

A few extra tips. Your topic area should be in any business environment. This can be human resource management, marketing, finance, decision-making etc. Once you have selected your topic, you need to sketch an outline you can work with. Your outline should have an introduction of the selected topics, the business environment and an overview of the situation. Your entire work should be a combination of business theories with your ideas, analyses and recommendations. Your knowledge of the subject matter will be further founded if you add examples of top company practices, various business theories etc. Select examples that are popular so that you can provide an indication of your awareness of current business news.

Building your fictitious company. Apart from using the abovementioned method, you can also create a fictitious company, according to your preferences and prepare your own scenario which leads to a case study analysis. You will have to do an in-depth analysis, provide possible recommendations and suitable practices and make decision responses and impacts. You can also do a case study on a real company. This may be better in the long run, as it gives you a more practical approach and provides real issues. However, on the downside, this can take up a lot of time as you need to identify the practices and problems of a real company.

Strategy papers. Another way of handling your coursework assignments would be to write on a particular activity or strategy which is being implemented in a company. For example, you can consider mergers and acquisitions, market expansion, new product development etc. This method of writing the coursework provides the reader, and you, with a single focus and will not confuse you or the reader. It is not an easy task to complete business coursework successfully. However, it is something that will bring you much satisfaction when you do so.

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