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Police Officer Career Report, Career Summary

People depend on police officers to protect their lives and property. Police and detectives enforce laws. They catch criminals and they collect evidence. Also at times, they testify in court. Other patrols set areas to prevent crime. Some patrols give out traffic tickets. Some police direct traffic. Most police wear uniforms. Detectives and special agents work in regular clothes. Most detectives are part of regular police forces. Special agents work for Federal and State agencies. They file reports about what they have done during the day. Most police work on foot or ride in cars. Some, however, ride horses, bikes, or motorcycles. Some work in boats on rivers and in harbours. Some police work with dogs. Most police and detectives work at least 40 hours a week. When they work longer, they get extra pay. Because police work is a 24-hour-a-day job, some police have to work nights and weekends. They have to be ready to go to work at all times.

Police may work very long hours on a case. Some have to travel a lot, often on short notice. Some police work outdoors in all kinds of weather. Some take very big risks when they chase criminals in cars or when they make an arrest. The job can be very stressful for a police officer. The officer’s family may worry a lot. Good training, teamwork, and good equipment reduce the number of injuries and deaths among police officers. There are many duties and responsibilities of a police officer. There main duty and responsibility are to enforce the law and make sure that we live in a safe environment. They have many daily routines depending on the officer. One officer may have to do radar while anther may have to drive around and make sure none is breaking the law. While doing these things officers may be called to go somewhere where someone is breaking the law. There is lots of variety in this job. No two days will be the same for a police officer.

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One day they might be doing traffic tickets anther day they might have to break up a bar fight or be involved in a high-speed chase. Police Officers are always working with different people in different situations. This is why there is so much variety. Cops have to deal with all kinds of experiences, for example, if a cop pulls someone over. This person might try to speed away because he might have some illegal in his car. It all depends on the people they are dealing with. This is also, why there is lots of variety because no two people are alike. Police officers work mostly with people. Police officers have to stop people from breaking the law, or they may have to question people to write out a report. These things make police officers work mostly around people. Cops have many tools for this job. These tools are mostly for self-defence against any kind of danger. Some tools they have are guns, pepper spray, and clubs.

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These are all tools used to make sure the officer is safe. The work of a police officer is indoors and outdoors. Police officers are usually outside doing police work, but they also have to do paperwork, all officers have paperwork to do. This work is done alone and by other people. Some officers have partners while others do not. A police officer is not self-employed. They are employed by are the government. A police officer is not closely supervised they do have their independence. When something serious happens, they do have to fill in paperwork explaining what happened. There are many health and safety hazards. A police officers job is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. They may be shot, punched, stabbed, or get in a car accident. All these things could happen very easily. That is why police officers are specially trained to protect themselves.

Two necessary elements in becoming a useful police officer are attending the police academy and dealing with the public through the process of field training. Both are very important and a crucial part of the process of becoming a police officer but field training has more practical, useful and hands-on training. At the police academy, instructors teach a recruit the necessary knowledge and skills that the officer will have to deal with daily throughout his career. After completion from the police academy, the sponsoring department will put the recruit through a three-month probationary period of field training with a field-training officer. The trainee officer has needed to learn the necessary knowledge of law enforcement from his field-training officer of where to go throughout his shift, department regulations, and other helpful tips that he can mix with his own routine once he is out on his own.

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This is the most crucial and most important stage to become a police officer. This training stage is where you receive all your hands-on activity and get to apply your basic knowledge of law enforcement to the real world. This stage is the starting point of gaining a never-ending experience in the field. You must be 20 years of age and a U.S. citizen. You must meet rigorous physical and personal qualifications. Physical examinations for law enforcement are vision, hearing, strength, and agility. Eligibility for appointment depends on competitive examinations and previous education and experience. You need a high school education and you need to pass lie detector tests and drug tests. You need to be in an academy for 12 to 14 weeks. You need honesty, judgment, integrity, and a sense of responsibility. Police work is an open field and almost any post-secondary education is useful. College courses that are connected to police work are law and security, social services and sociology.

University courses that would be best for police officers are criminology, psychology, humanities, law, and social science. You must have an AA degree, an AS degree or at least 60 credits from a college. Must be free from felony charges and must have a good driving record. You must have been taking drugs for the past 5 years. In addition, you must be a nonuser of tobacco for one year. The middle half of all police and sheriff’s patrol officers earned between $32,300 and $53,500 a year in 2002. The lowest-paid 10 per cent earned less than $25,270. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $65,330 a year. The middle half of all police and detective supervisors earned between $47,210 and $74,610 a year in 2002. The lowest-paid 10 per cent earned less than $36,340. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $90,070 a year. The middle half of all detectives and criminal investigators earned between $39,010 and $65,980 a year in 2002. The lowest-paid 10 percent earned less than $31,010. The highest-paid 10 percent earned more than $80,380 a year.

Police are paid for overtime. Police also receive paid vacation, sick leave, and medical and life insurance. Often they get money for uniforms. Many retire at half-pay after 20 or 25 years of service. The annual earning at first in range from 25,000 to 45,000 a year depending on the police force and the government. The average salary of an experienced police officer is 35,000 to 55,000. The salary increases when you gain seniority. Police officers can make up to 125,000 a year.
There were about 840,000 police and detectives in 2002. About 80 percent worked for local governments. They worked mainly in cities and towns with more than 25,000 people. The rest worked for State or Federal police agencies. There are 40,000 separate police agencies. Employment of police and detectives is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2012. This is because people are concerned about crime.

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Many people are attracted to police work because it is challenging. Persons with college training in police science or who have military experience, or both, should have the best chances for a job. There will always be a need for police officers in the future. Cities need people to enforce the law and they always will. There are many jobs in the future for law enforcement believes that there most likely is an increase in the demand for police officers. This is because everyday crime gets worse in our cities. In the future, there will be more gangs more robbery more murders. This is why we will need more officers of the law. The opportunities are the same for men and women. There are just as many men as there are women in this occupation nowadays. There will be opportunities all over the country and all over the world. This is because every city needs police officers to enforce the law. One good thing about this job is there is a lot of room for promotion. You can be promoted several times as a police officer. There are different jobs are like this Probationary Constable, Police Constable, Police Supervisor, Senior Officer.

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