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Philosophy of Physical Education

Physical Education is the study and practice of the science and the art of human movement. Physical Education gives individuals the opportunity to learn to perform efficiently all the motor skills they need for everyday living. Physical Education is also found in recreational activities in which students will become physically fit and know the relationship between physical fitness and health. Students improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes which will help them lead active, healthy lifestyles as adults.

Teaching Physical Education is what I do, and I enjoy it. Physical Education should be both “physical” and “educational.” We need to teach our students to lead a fit lifestyle. I want my students to enjoy activities and understand the importance of this in their lives. My classes are child-centred, worthwhile, exciting, fun, and meet the needs of all my students. Children should be treated with respect and dignity. My students look forward to coming to class. My classes are challenging for all my students.

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My philosophy of physical education is to encourage all students to develop an interest in being physically active now and for a lifetime. There are many ways in which I can encourage children to be physically active. I choose to focus on three main areas: practical teaching strategies, modelling my passion for being physically active and using updated methods, including interdisciplinary methods. One effective teaching strategy I firmly believe in is making sure all students have a success rate of around 80% during class activities. Many students become turned off to PE if they do not have success.

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I will work on improving skills to many types of movements, activities and sports, use lead-up games to make sure students are successful at this reasonable rate. I understand that all children cannot have the same physical ability level, so I create an option to make a task more accessible or more difficult for a child so that they do not become too frustrated or bored while still learning the same idea. This helps meet the needs of each child. I believe in teaching with different methods such as command style, guided discovery, practice, and self-check, to name a few. By using various methods, students may find other ways to learn that they may not have previously learned in other styles. One way that I try to do this is cooperative learning/ education.

Cooperative learning is essential for young children. They have to work on teamwork. I try to include some teamwork building in my lessons. I also feel that critical thinking is critical. At the closure of each class period, I ask them “what if” questions. They have to then respond after thinking critically to me how they would have changed the given situation. This seems to engage them in both a positive and constructive way. In Physical Education, the number one concern is safety. Classroom safety is always number one. I stress safety concepts in each lesson. My students know it as the big “S” word. I ask them if a given situation is safe before we start playing. I learned you could not stress being safe enough. Young children have to be reminded that their actions aren’t always the safest way.

I am an Educator who seeks to update my methods, curriculum, activities, and teaching styles by attending State and Local conferences. The new method of Physical Education, which includes new practices and concepts, always improves. I would also love to incorporate a tactical approach to teaching sport skills and concepts into my 4th and 5th-grade classes. This experience, according to “Teaching Sports Concepts and Skills, A Tactical Games Approach,” allows students to develop an overall sense of the sport then take a problem-solving approach to master the skills in that sport. I feel that this concept will make physical education more exciting for more of my students.

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Childhood obesity in the United States is at an all-time high. This is why in all of my classes, we spend the first 5 minutes with exercises including some sort of cardiovascular exercise. I also plan on keeping up with my personal/youth trainer certification so that my fitness knowledge is up to date. My learning environment is always positive and one in which I will be a role model for my students showing them how I live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I feel that satisfying and successful experiences in Physical Education should develop individual desires to regularly participate in Physical Activity throughout life.

As educators, we are faced with the challenge of modifying our lessons and style of teaching to meet the needs of students with disabilities in our classes. This is especially true in physical education classes. As a physical educator, I am constantly striving to meet the needs of all of my students. It is very important to keep current with new strategies, lesson modifications and equipment that will benefit students with disabilities. It is a great feeling when you see a child with a disability succeeding in a physical education class. This is an accomplishment that they are very proud of because it is a great challenge for them. As a physical educator, it is imperative that you provide these children with many opportunities for such success. All students with disabilities have the right to an education in the “Least Restricted Environment.”

This is why modifications can be made to help accommodate these students. I presently have 2 students in wheelchairs, one student who just had her 6th brain surgery and one student who is blind. I work one-one with their aids to try to include them in as much as we can. All of these students are inclusion so I constantly have to think of ways they can be included as much as possible. In conclusion, “teaching is the profession that creates all others.” This is why I strive to make coming to physical education every day exciting for all my students. I want my students to find some sort of fitness activity that they can engage in for the rest of their life.

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