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Persuasive Speech on Littering


“To persuade my audience that litter effects all of us and is a problem that everyone can help fix”

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I. No one can walk down the street or anywhere without seeing litter.
A. people think its dirty, depressing
B. Taxes pay to clean litter
C. unhealthy and hazardous for people, animals

II. Litter Is a problem effecting everyone and at the same time can be prevented by everyone through everyday actions


I. A. Problem – litter has effects on our aura and feelings
1. Litter looks bad and is depressing.
2. (Mike Rizzo said in his Report, Depressing Filth in 2007. “I spend my lunch hours on Craig Street because it has a better ambience.
I feel good when I am there. I feel depressed when I am in the Forbes-Fifth area of Oakland because it is dirty and, frankly, smelly.”)

B. Problem – litter can be expensive
1. It costs us money to clean up the litter through taxes
2. (According to the Tennessee Dept of Transportation, “it cost 11 Million to clean up Tennessee in 2006”.)

C. Problem – Litter can be bad for you and animals
1. trash in water cannot be seen making them more dangerous
2. people dump tires and such which pollute the water over time. (From Waste News, In 1983, a seven-million tire fire in El Paso, Texas, burned for nine months and polluted water supplies with arsenic and lead.)
3. Get cut by bottles or cans underwater

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Transition – “There is one easy and obvious way to tackle litter problems”

II. A. Solution – 1. Prevent litter from occuring in the first place

Transition – “So what can the individual person do to prevent litter from happening?”

III. Actions – 1. Pick up litter you see, throw you trash away!
2. (A report from Wate 6 News, in January of 2007, talks about having volunteer litter pick-ups frequently)


I. You have seen that…
A. Litter looks bad and depressing (ex. Feel better after having clean house)
B. State taxes cost us to clean the litter
C. can hurt environment, and self.

II. Hopefully I’ve at least convinced some of you to do something about litter and get involved in preventing it.


Wate 6, “Tennessee starts hotline to report littering.” <>, January 18, 2007.

Johnson, Jim. “Celebrities lend faces to Texas anti-litter plan.(News).” Waste News 11.20 (Jan 16, 2006)
Rizzo, Mike. “Depressing filth”. Pittsburgh Post Gizette, <>, august 23, 2007.

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