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Persuasive Speech Against Speeding

Persuasive Speech Against Speeding (Fast Driving)

Specific purpose: To persuade the audience that fast driving should be avoided


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No body can deny the fact that going fast in cars is fun, and who hasn’t experienced the feeling of the excitment rush in the veins when the wheels start running fast and things almost get out of control ?

And on the other hand, who hasn’t gone through the sadness of losing a dear person due to fast driving, or even the sadness caused by hearing such stories?

As a matter of fact, although fast driving can seem pretty exciting and appealing, its consequences could really be tragic.


Car accidents are a major problem in Lebanon, and its numbers have reached high levels in the past few years. In addition, even though there has been lot of awareness campaigns done in Lebanon by different organizations such as YasaLebanon and Redcross, the ignorance persists and it has led to making the problem even worse. According to Yasa, 1941 car accidents in the year 1999, 357 death and 3528 injuries and these numbers increased in 2000, 2326 car accidents , 413 death and 3586 injuries.

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Car accidents in general and especially those resulting from driving fast have many undesirable consequences, The most obvious one is the loss of one’s life. A person could be risking losing his life for the sake of few moments of pleasure.

Taking a decision of risking one’s life should be thought about keeping in mind the effect of it not only on one’s self, but on others too.
Another result would be a major injury or trauma. A person could keep his life after a car accident, but would cause himself to get a severe injury, such as losing a limb, ability of normal functioning, certain scars on the body , etc. Such a result would be considered by some even more catastrophic than death.

Yet the most important consequence of fast driving would definitely be endangering the lives of other people. If one thinks he/she are allowed to act freely with their lives, they certainly are not allowed to threaten the lives of others.

To this i can relate by saying a story that happened to a friend of mine.

Bilal, is a 20 year old friend who got handicapped because of such an incident.He was driving at a moderate speed when another car whose driver was going at a very higher speed suddenly hit him. Bilal had five surgeries so far to treat his condition, but yet, he is still unable to walk properly.


In conclusion, the results of driving fast could be really enormous whether it was one’s life, health, or money. Also, affecting other people’s lives would also be one of the consequences, if not the worse. If one is careless about his or her life, others are not. People should manage this problem logically, and think alot before attempting such a risky action.

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Don’t think it might not happen to you, and i am sure that none of those who had car accidents thought that it might happen to them. One should not wait for these things to happen to him to learn from the mistakes. On the contrary, one should work on preventing them before it is too late .

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