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Persuasive Essay On Immigration

The population of the United States has increased dramatically, making the United States Bureau of Immigration cut down on the laws of entering the U.S. illegally. Since congress passed the law of allowing a certain amount of immigrants to enter the U.S., they issue them passports and visas. After their passport and visa expire, they have to leave the country. Although this is a law, most immigrants do not leave the country, living illegally.

If it were not for the Border Patrol, the American population would be higher than it already is. The Border Patrol regulates immigrants from illegally crossing the border. They patrol the border searching for possible immigrants crossing the border. If an immigrant is caught by the U.S. authority, they will deport them and can charge them with additional fines and some jail time. For example, Mexico has the largest population of immigrants coming to America. Mexicans will actually hide from the Border Patrol in bushes, dirt, rubbish etc until they see the right moment and “run for it”.

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Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) keep the documents of Immigrants who are legal to live in the United States. Immigration and Naturalization Service strictly enforce the law of keeping immigration to a minimum. They only let a small number of immigrants come to America each year. The immigrants who can legally come to America are carefully chosen, it sometimes can take years to get approved.

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An estimated four million immigrants now live in the United States. America alone (without immigrants) is overpopulated. This is why the U.S. authority strictly enforces the immigration law. There is a large debate to cut down on their laws. Immigration affects America in a negative way. It lowers living standards, overpopulates the streets and makes the country look terrible.

Although America is flattered that this country is so sought after and looked upon as the greatest country in the world, laws are laws, and they have to stick to them. The laws are only for the good. U.S. citizens deserve a clean and protected country. This is the only decent thing that comes out of taxes.

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. Weak borders allow anyone in the country, even would-be terrorists.
  2. Having needs in more workers would not it be better to have them properly documented and kept track of so they could not be mistreated or cheated out of fair compensation for their work.
  3. Does not it cause a lack of respect for the United States to have people think they can break US laws with no consequence.
  4. If a countries borders have no meaning just think of the consequences: no rights of property, ownership or sovereignty.

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