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Personal Reflection on The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young girl who had gone through enough grief to crush most spirits, but somehow she refused to let the Nazis win. I think it’s amazing she managed to write so well with all the things going on around her. This article is about my thoughts about her writing style.

I really do not know how she learned to write so well, she diffidently had a gift. Her descriptions were so in-depth and her way of expressing her self was excellent. For example here is a short passage out of the book. “I will describe the building: there is a large warehouse on the ground floor which is used as a store.

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The front door to the house is next to the warehouse door, and inside the front door is a second doorway which leads to a staircase. There is another door at the top of the stairs with a frosted glass window in it, which has ‘office’ written in black across it.” This is not the most interesting passage but it’s very descriptive.

Sometimes when you are reading the book you forget it’s real, then you realize this actually happened. I do not know if the book is totally transcribed from her diary or if it was rewritten. If this was actually taken word for word from her diary I am sure she had talent. I do not keep a diary but I did not think they were supposed to be good copy.

“I asked my self this morning whether you don’t sometimes feel rather like a cow who had to chew over all the old pieces of news again and again, and who finally yawns loudly and silently wishes that Anne would occasionally dig up something new.” I thought this metaphorical passage was very advanced for a young teenager.

The way she describes her feelings is of an experienced writer. How she reaches inside her self to pulls out thoughts and jots them down on paper. It’s as she is there telling you her thoughts.

Some parts of this book were boring but knowing that it happened to someone makes you want to read. This was not my favourite book either but I have to admit she was a talented writer. Ounce you get into the book It is like being there watching the events take place. You feel like you have known her for a long time because you are reading her personal thoughts.

Anne Frank, if she was alive today I am sure she would be a great writer. Although, if she had not died I do not think her diary would not have been made into a book. If “Anne Frank” had not made into a book the holocaust would not have gotten so much negative publicity. People wouldn’t have noticed how much grief and sorrow families were forced to go through during that horrible time.

You might think that she dying was a triumph for Hitler but I do not agree. When her story got out and people started reading it, it was like a wake-up call for all Germans and the rest of the world. The supporters of the Nazis realized what horrible things were happening to Jews and all other discriminated races. This changed a lot of peoples opinion of the war. I can’t say that this book led to the end of WWII but I can say that it ended a lot of the enemies support from the civilians. When you count up everything it adds up to a definite win for Anne Frank and a definite win for Humans.

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