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Personal Narrative: The Weekend Campout

One weekend during the summer a couple of years back I had decided to host a campout and have a few people over to stay the night in tents in my woods and my backyard (which consist of a 5-acre open field with a big fire pit for parties). There is also a fire pit down by the tents but we decided to keep it in the field instead.

Well Friday night rolls around and I have a few people over, 3 besides myself to be exact. We set up our tents in the field where they were linked together by a tarp draped over a swing set frame. We gathered some firewood that would be enough to last us for the night and we sat around and started to talk.

We all were sitting there just puffing away at cigars of every brand and flavour imaginable. My friend named Brian was able to get a garbage bag full of all different kinds of cigars. Some I have seen and others I have no clue what to expect. But anyway back to the story, we were all sitting around the fire and just all of a sudden Brian fell sideways in his chair.

Partially because he was leaning and partially because he was on an incline towards the creek. Whatever the cause of the fall it was so hilarious that we just could not sit in our chairs anymore so we decided to go puff on our cigars elsewhere. We took a walk up the road when Joseph suddenly came to a halt and whispered under his breath, “You guys what is that”, as he pointed up the road 50 yards. For all, we could see it was a large figure that was really hard to make out because of the light insufficiency. The other three hadn’t decided whether or not to approach the figure and see if it was real or whether to observe it from a distance.

Whatever it be I wasn’t going to sit back and wait around for them to decide. I started walking towards it and I heard a clanging together of something that sounded hard and then I heard a big thump. I stopped and gazed forward to where the figure stood once before and it was not there anymore. Was this really a creature that was standing there or was it a figure of my imagination.

Still to this day, I haven’t figured it out, but one of my friends swears up and down that the sound was just a hedge apple tree nearby and one had fallen from the top, smacked a few branches, and hit the ground with a boom. It’s a fairly believable theory but is it really what happened? I shall never know because yet to this day I haven’t seen anything like it or even resemble that mystical figure that I saw late that one summer’s night. Have you?

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