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Personal and Professional Development – My Learning Influences and Career Choices

P1: Some learning influences may have barriers that will affect each individual in some way. One influence may be friends; friends may influence you positively, such as; motivating you, helping you with your work, acting (in class), being positive you can do things, and sharing your learning experience with you. However, the influence of friends does have some negatives, such as; not allowing you to do/complete work, making you go out with them (e.g. to a party on the weekend), making you lazy, not allowing you to reach the deadline of assignments and also friends can shape your behaviour in a learning environment. Another influence may be social networking sites; websites such as Facebook and Twitter by choice have overtaken many young people’s lives, so they have both positive and negative effects again.

Some individuals use slang consistently through Facebook and texting; this will negatively affect their learning process as they may find it harder to understand correct grammar, therefore, delaying their learning process. On the other hand, social networking may also positively influence our learning process because it changes how we communicate with others and speak. For example, some people cannot communicate face to face, so they find it easy to communicate on social networks. Another influence may be the internet and search engine sites such as Google; they positively influence our learning process by searching information very quickly, which develops our knowledge and increases our learning process. However, the internet may hinder our learning process’s as we may be less creative and too dependent on the internet for knowledge and ideas rather than, for example, reading a book.

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M1: One huge influence on my own personal learning process is my parents; from a young age, my parents encouraged me to read books and be creative and independent. This has excelled my learning process as they taught me the skills I needed for my school life, from learning right from wrong, how to tie my shoelaces, to even not to play around with fire. They have taught me valuable life lessons at appropriate ages, which I fully understood. My teachers then reiterate what skills my parents had taught me and combine this with my own conscience and knowledge.

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Personal statement: I’m currently a student at Derby college (The roundhouse) studying level 3 extended diploma in health and social care. I’m already finding it very interesting and on target with what I want to pursue in the future as my nursing career. Nursing is a challenging and demanding career; however, I hope to feel the rewards and have the self-belief that I am ready to embark on this career. I am eager to pursue a career where I can help and care for people; becoming a nurse would fulfill this ambition. Nursing is a career for dedicated, reliable, trusting people who can develop relationships with patients quickly. I have these skills, and I genuinely want to make a difference to people and assist them and their families through difficult times when they are most vulnerable.

The role of nursing is changing as nurses are far more involved in the welfare of patients, placing more responsibility on nurses. I am confident of embracing this challenge, taking advantage of these changes and opportunities, and using them to further my career. I currently work part-time at the popular DIY store, Home base, as my current role in my job is a checkout assistant. During the New Year, I have been aware of a promotion to a showroom representative, which involves selling kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms to customers. This will be a demanding job that requires my best sales skills to make Home base the most money and gain the rewards financially myself in commission. I thoroughly enjoy my job as I feel my communication skills are excellent, and I can deliver great customer service.

These communication skills that I’m gaining from the Home base will be essential for my desired career. In addition, good communication is essential in nursing as I will be experiencing and working in some extremely pressurized environments. D1: In the health and social care sector, each worker’s individual personal learning development can benefit many people as their influence greatly affects the care they are providing. For example, a care worker needs to have learnt and developed fantastic communication skills. This is essential with working with clients and patients that display being venerable and need that help and support they look for within care workers. In addition, this will benefit others as care workers may be dealing with patients with communication barriers such as visual or hearing impairment making communication harder.

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Care workers need to understand these communication barriers during work in the health and social care sector before excelling in their own learning/ working processes. Care workers need to obtain good organizational skills to develop and work with clients that depend on the care workers. Being organized is very important in personal learning and development as it shows how easy make mistakes should be kept to a minimum as this could be fatal; an example of this is a nurse in a busy ward delivering patients with their daily medication, if the nurse is disorganized, this increases the possibility of that nurse making a mistake with medication with the impact being fatal (giving a patient the wrong medication). Personal learning and development in health and social care are very important. What they learn has either a positive or negative effect on anyone working alongside that care worker. Being a nurse of the care worker is a demanding job and does require the ability to adapt their learning process to each different situation to develop their knowledge positively in health and social care.

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