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Past, Present and Future Paper

I strongly believe in the advantages offered to an individual by higher education. Education is a gateway to life, not just a way to obtaining a college degree and getting a title that makes one’s qualifications acceptable for a position of a certain level in the eyes of society.

In the process of getting an education, I hope to acquire a new vision, open the doors to a whole new world full of unexpected discoveries and challenges. In my perception, a four-year program can equip me with sufficient knowledge to enable me to look at things from a new perspective, evaluating them from an informed point of view of a person possessing a solid foundation of basic knowledge and skills.

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In the professional life of almost every person there is a moment when one reaches a certain threshold, and to go further one  needs to sit down and make an effort to learn something new. To my mind, now this moment has come for me, and the easiest and most straightforward way to get additional knowledge and enhance my qualifications is to go to a university course. If I am able to do this, I will get all the important bits and pieces of my profession in one swoop instead of collecting scattered pieces for years.

With all of the above said, I have no intention to undervalue the advantages offered to me by the new opportunities given by entry to jobs of a new level. In the past, I encountered problems with obtaining employment that suited my skills and experience merely because I did not possess the qualifications employers wished. After completing my Microsoft certified systems engineer certification I went to several interviews where I was rejected based on not having a bachelor’s degree. I believe that the acquisition of such a degree would serve as proof of my qualifications to the employer and enhance my chances of a rich and satisfying career immensely. Becoming a bachelor will be one of the first steps on my way to jobs meeting my inclinations and aspirations.

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Even after deciding that I definitely need to complete a college education, I was left with several questions open. First, I had to choose a type of program. I opted for an accelerated variation since I believe myself to be hard-working and able enough to complete the program in a shorter period of time without compromising the quality of knowledge. I hope that the program of my choice will enable me to acquire first-rate expertise while also retaining the superior practical skills I have already mastered through my working assignments. After the end of the program, I will be able to plunge more quickly into a
throbbing working life where my theoretical knowledge will be more closely connected with the raw reality of working life.
A study at the University of Milwaukee is attractive to me for several reasons.

In the first place, it is a reputable institution that is well-known for its solid academic background and tough learning standards. As I mentioned before, I have learned the hard way that it is important to have qualifications that will guarantee adequate expertise in the eyes of employers to confirm the genuine knowledge earned at an institution. To secure those, I turned to the school of my choice and have not been disappointed with my decision. Being an expert on something is valuable only when you can prove it, something easily done with a college degree from a reputable institution.

Second, I feel that the University of Milwaukee is a school that meets my particular needs. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to attend five-week courses that meet once a week, as this will allow me to combine school with a range of other activities and not jeopardize my other pursuits. Besides, being tested with papers, not regular tests employed at most schools sounds like a good idea. Personally, I have always felt that tests only skim the surface of an individual’s knowledge and are too perfunctory to permit professors deeper insight into the needs and interests of an individual. I appreciate more individual attention and look forward to personal interaction with the university’s professors.

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From what I know it feels like the University of Milwaukee is a school that is committed to treating each individual student with respect and care, so I hope to have an enjoyable experience studying there. Having fun is an important part of the learning process as academic rigor since it allows the student to mobilize abilities and skills needed to excel in learning. This school has been a great home to everybody who has spent college years here, and in my opinion, gives excellent possibilities to make friends as well as to excel in academic pursuits. Professors are also known to be helpful and eager to do their best to supply students with first-class skills and theoretical backgrounds, a feature that is perhaps the single most important characteristic of any university.

I am really glad I chose the University of Milwaukee for my bachelor’s study. So far I am positive that the courses I take at the school will greatly contribute to my profile as a professional and make me a better specialist than I otherwise would have been. At the moment I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks when I start to send my resume out for the first time with the indication of a bachelor’s degree. Although I do not know the results at this point, I am certain that this degree will have a positive impact on my career opportunities, and of course a substantial part of my future successes I will owe to this excellent school.

Overall, I hope that the time spent at Milwaukee will turn out to be one of the most enriching periods on my career path. I am sure of my ability to take advantage of new opportunities opened to me through my new qualifications. As I wrote before, education is a gateway to a much broader world teeming with opportunities, but it performs a very important function of opening this gate and permitting one to make full use of one’s inborn abilities.

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