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Overcoming Obstacles

There are many obstacles in life that people have to overcome. It could be being born with a disability or something simple as going to school. Some obstacles are easy to run over but some aren’t. To overcome obstacles I think that I must know right and wrong, being smart of the decision, and taking action in what is needed to be done. There is a huge difference between just saying that I will do something and actually taking action in it. It’s my choice in what I want to do in life and there will be many things that will try and stop me. Knowing right and wrong can be a big factor in overcoming obstacles. There are things in life that can severely damage my life forever but some aren’t as bad. Whatever obstacle that comes upon will always have a good and bad thing about the decision that’s made. As teenagers, there are many obstacles that come up to us. One big thing is drugs and alcohol; a large number of people that do drugs and drink probably started as a teenager in some point.

If someone would ask me to smoke or drink with them, I would probably say no. there are many risk factors of doing drugs and drinking alcohol. The big thing is that it is illegal underage and it can harm my body in many different ways. The right thing to do is to say no and not do anything that will harm me now or in the future. The wrong thing for me to do is to try the drug or alcohol and maybe become addicted and never stop. If I know the rights and wrongs when overcoming obstacles, it can help me make a smarter decision. I should think of the good and bad things there are to what I decide to do. It is my junior year in high school and I will be soon taking the SAT or ACT. I’m a math type of guy and I know there are many shortcuts to solve problems. Taking this test this year is an obstacle that will come along very soon. One thing that can help me do better is to know some shortcuts in solving problems.

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This test is a timed test, so I don’t have all day to take it. Knowing shortcuts will help me get the right answers and will also help me use my time wisely. If I don’t decide to use my time wisely on the test and possibly take the long way on some problems, I might not finish all that I needed to do and it will affect my score. Now that I know what my decisions are and what is the best for me, it’s time to maybe do something about it. Teachers always give us homework to do when we get home. I know the best thing to do is to complete all my homework assignments when it is given and turn it in on time. In this new era, we have so much more technology in this world that can distract us from doing what we need to do. Some of these technologies can include television, computers, video games, and cell phones. When I come home and I begin to do my homework, a must thing I have to not do is turn on the television, my Xbox 360, computer unless it’s needed, and my cell phone needs to be away from me.

If there is an attractive nuisance that comes upon me, it will most likely lead me off from what I need to do and slow me down. Having full concentration on my homework can help me complete it faster and leave me spare time to do my own things. Until I’m not living in this world anymore, I will always have to find a way to overcome obstacles. Life is an obstacle that everyone has to somehow overcome every day of their lives. If I know what the right and wrong choices are, make a smart decision, and actually do what I need to do, I think I can overcome any obstacles in life. There will be a new obstacle every day whether it is getting out of bed or deciding on what movie to watch. It’s my choice in what I want to do in life and there will be many things that will try and stop me.

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