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Opinion on the Use of Steriods in Baseball

In professional sports, athletes are trying to gain an advantage over their opponents all the time, especially in baseball. Many professional baseball players take muscle enhancers and weight gainers to improve their game. The athletes that are really trying to get an edge on their opponents may resort to steroids. Baseball players should not be allowed to use steroids or muscle enhancers because it gives them too much power, they have a better advantage over the other players, and it can cause major health risks.

Baseball players that turn to creatine are having a bigger advantage over the other athletes in the major leagues. The player’s strength created by taking creatine is allowing them to hit much better. Their batting averages are rising enormously and they are hitting more home runs than usual. Today there are many more home runs then there were five years ago. This is basically because nobody really knew about creatine back then. Now that the baseball players have turned to creatine the teams are scoring more runs in the games, and the players are taking away the reel feel of the game. “Many athletes are currently supplementing their diets with creatine to increase their strength, muscle mass, and weight by providing their bodies with more available energy, thus reaching new heights in athletic ability” (The Purpose of Creatine). Athletes who are taking creatine are becoming much larger in all areas on the playing field, whether it’s hitting, fielding, or there speed. Since they are taking creatine they are becoming phenomenal players and get all acknowledgements by the fans. The truth is that they are not becoming great players by doing work they are becoming star players by using creatine. Therefore using supplements such as creatine should be banned from baseball.

Taking steroids or muscle enhancers can cause very harmful health risks. Athletes think that if they take these products they will become better players without any problems. Many people can suffer severe side effects from taking steroids or creatine. Steroids may cause small side effects, but a major side effect if you take steroids is, you could suffer s heart attack. “Anabolic steroids cause heart attacks, myocardial infarction, and stroke, which can result in death” (Nelson 54). If a player chooses to take steroids they need to realize there are so many health risks and side effects. The selected baseball players who think if they take steroids they will become better players need to know there are major consequences that can result in taking steroids and should think before starting to take steroids.

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Professional baseball players may not know this, but they are role models to many kids and even some adults. Kids these days really look up to the players and admire what they do. Today’s children see the players on television or in real life and want to be just like them. If the players choose to take steroids there is a possibility that the kids who idolize them may try steroids because they want to be just like their favourite baseball player. Not all players do take steroids but the ones that do are setting bad examples for the younger children of the world. “ This is hardly the message we want to send to America’s youth- that using steroids turn an athlete into a superstar” (Stewart 62). People of all ages look up to the athletes and the athletes should not be sending the message that taking steroids can make you invincible on the ball field and help your performance. Logically, then the athletes need to stop for a minute and understand that everyone looks up to them and they need to set good examples and not take steroids, or else kids may follow in there same footsteps.

Steroids and muscle enhancers in baseball have been a major topic for the past few years. Many people think it’s unfair that people who are using these substances are breaking records that took people ages to overcome. They feel they should be banned from the league and if a player is caught with them they feel a suspension should happen. It is such a great risk-taking steroid with all the different side effects it brings. Steroids are not only bad for your health but they are changing the game completely. Now we have many more home runs, no-hitters being pitched, and so many stolen bases. The president of Major League Baseball really needs to take into consideration what steroids and muscle enhancers are doing to the game.


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