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On Legalizing Marijuana

Many have experienced the negatives of marijuana in their lives and witnessed the problems of others. Marijuana is a harmful drug and should not be legalized! It is a gateway drug or also known as a stepping stone drug. “Theory, suggest that the progression to more dangerous substances is inevitable.”(Hanson) Many reasons have surfaced about why it should be legalized, government regulation, tax purposes, and long and harsh sentences given to marijuana offenders. In addition, of all the reasons why they should legalize it, only one is credible, medical. Now, would any loving parent want their children having that much more of a fight with saying no to drugs? Has there not been enough proof that drugs should not be legalized. Legalized drugs in the form of alcohol have proven to be harmful drugs, both to the user and to society.

The similarities between both marijuana and alcohol are endless, so the realizations of possible problems that can arise are also endless. In America, we do not need to compound are huge problems with drugs, especially since nearly all crime committed in America is drug-related. A major problem with marijuana being legalized and is its misuse. Since marijuana has a major effect on the mind’s ability to react fast or as fast as it normally should, people that have been using marijuana can pose a danger to themselves and to many others. Common sense would lead a person who can identify a drunk driver to beware of that driver. Now, who would want the added danger of now having to share the road with both drinkers and marijuana users? Obviously, no one wants to be run down by an intoxicated driver. Another problem in American society is the one of crime and its relation to drugs.

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Nearly all crime committed in America is in some way connected to drugs. So is the need really there to legalize marijuana, and by doing so flood, the streets with legalized drugs? This accessibility will then most likely make marijuana more readily available and draw more people to trying marijuana especially the young and under-aged. Will it be as simple as finding the right of age person to purchase it for them? Legal or not marijuana has proven to be harmful from not only the use but also the dangerous path and lifestyle that marijuana leads to. Marijuana is a known gateway drug, making it very dangerous. Only because the use of marijuana will most likely lead to the use of more hardcore drugs such as crack cocaine, LSD, heroin, or methamphetamines. Since drug use is usually started at, the early stages of a person’s life (usually as a young teen) most hardcore drug users are using such drugs as meth regularly as early as their late teen years.

With the programs in place to keep kids off drugs, and the failure in the programs, should marijuana be legalized? If marijuana would be legalized, could it ever be accepted or be a respectable thing to do? No, these problems would most likely be handed down to future generations. A young impressionable person could possibly think that using marijuana is all right because of the use of the drug around by people that they are supposed to look up to for guidance. This should never happen, it should not be accepted just as drinking has. The acceptance of drug use, drinking all weekend, be destructive, and then try to return to normal the rest of the time is wrong. The use of drugs is a gradual growth over time into much more potent forms and larger amounts of the drug until it is too powerful to control.

Once a person is addicted to a hardcore drug, their mind no longer has compassion they will hurt and steal in order to get money to feed their drug habit. These habits drive them to hurt and steal from the very people who care for these individuals. Still many have argued that marijuana use is harmless and is a victimless crime, but try to explain that to anyone who has a drug-addicted loved one or has lost a loved one to drugs that began as a harmless marijuana user. The proof is the thousands of new cases each year into the revolving door of imprisonment, crime, and self-destruction. Still many fights for the legalization of marijuana saying that it will be good for society. “For nothing is more destructive of respect to the government and the law of the land than to pass laws which cannot be enforced”(Einstein)

It is believed that it can be a positive because it will keep the drug regulated since it can not be done away with as well as taxed and will keep marijuana offenders out of long harsh prison terms imposed by minimum sentencing.  Yes, on paper, these ideas sound good but can they work? Has it worked in the past with alcohol becoming legal? The reality is that America should move forward and making marijuana legal will be the same as reducing the legal drinking age back to 18. Possibly someday marijuana will be legalized. It would be something that should never happen. With all of the problems that currently exist related to drugs hopefully, the legalization of a gateway drug like marijuana will not be legalized for the future of the youth.

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