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“Of Mice and Men” Broken Dreams Essay

In Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Mice and Men,’ many characters have hopes and dreams of what they want to do with their lives. Most of these dreams are unrealistic and will never come to be. George and Lennie both share a dream. Their dream, which they both follow and use to keep them going in tough times, is that they will own a small ranch or farm and be able to live by themselves there.

There they will have to be able to live off the products they make and be entirely self-reliant, and will be able to stay in when they want and work when they want. This shows that they never want to go and work for another person or in harsh conditions. Once they achieve this, they will be working for themselves, and in a way, they will be free men. They will have a few acres and, on this have an alpha alpha and various animals. Lennie, having a more straightforward and childish mind, wants to tend the rabbits, whereas George looks at it as freedomUnfortunately, thisis dream is never realized as Lennie dies at the end of the novel.

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George could still make enough money to get this small ranch, but it would depend on if he would still want to do it without Lennie and if it held any value to him anymore. Although it is a failure because of Lennie’s death, there is also the possibility that they would never have earned enough money to achieve this anyway. Another character in the novel that has a dream is Curley’s wife. She talks to Lennie in the novel about how she could have been an actress. She could have been an actress, significant and famous. Also, her dream, in a way, is not to be lonely. She can’t stand being alone and has to have someone there.

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She married Curley to no longer be alone, but she has just ended up alone on a ranch of men. Hence she tries to talk to the other men, but she is seen as “jail bait” and avoided; hence she is even lonelier. Her dream of being an actress has failed because she chose a quick way out and married Curley. She is now living in her failure and has no longer a dream to aim for, other than somehow escaping from her horrible husband, Curley.

Crooks is also a character in the novel that has a dream; in some ways, he has more than one dream and dreams that are not initially his. As the only black man, he does not receive any respect on the ranch and is often referred to as ‘Nigger’ and in his room has a copy of the State Civil Rights. This shows us that he hopes to become somehow equal to everyone else and no longer be put down because he is black. This would be a dream that he would share with many other black people when the novel is set. When he hears about the dream that both George and Lennie share, he gets very excited about it and wants to be a part of it.

He sees it as a way of escaping the hatred and unfairness that he receives on the ranch and in most of America. He would be a free man like Lennie and George and be able to do as he wishes. This dream is Unfortunately, thishis own, and it fails because he comes back to reality and remembers that he would have no way of doing it. He realizes that he is black and that he will not be able to fulfil his short-lived dream.

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Many of the characters have dreams in this novel, and none of them seem to gain them. The only thing that is close is what George says to Lennie a few times. “God a mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy.” He says things like this several times throughout the novel to Lennie and at the end, he gets this. Even though he may not have meant it to be a dream of his in a way it was and was the only dream that actually came to be.

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