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Numskull And The Rabbit Essay

The Indian people use animals in their fables, and give them Certain attributes of people to convey the flaws in humans. The story of the Numskull and the Rabbit is used to show kings how to manage their kingdom, by giving certain examples, such as how the lion (king of the jungle) is deceived or how one can be caught up by issues and problems. This story also shows that if one forgets his people his own flaws can easily overthrow him. The story is about a lion that eats all the animals in his kingdom without remorse. A deal is made between the king and the animals, and an animal is sent to the lion each day to be eaten, one day a rabbit is sent to the lion, and the tricks the lion into falling to his death. This story is a fable, which has many different lessons to tell to a king.

A king who madly butchers men, There lives as little reckoned as lives of goats ,has one square meal ,but never has a second. This story tells the king that if he kills his loyal subjects he will never have enough when he really needs them. A single archer from a wall A hundred foes forfends; And so the military art A fortress recommends. This little story tells a king that a good fortress will overcome many foes. A warrior failing to compare two hosts, in mad desire for battle, plunges like a moth headforemost into the fire. This story says that if an opponent is not compared to one’s own, then you can fall, also to never rush into battle.¬† These parables or stories can attribute to a well-governed kingdom. If these stories are applied by a king then his reign will live forever. The lesson to learn from this story is to always try to see the repercussions of your actions, if not they will find the downfall¬†of you.

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