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Negative Effects Caused by Immigration

Immigration should be restricted in the United States in almost every form. The government is in enough chaos trying to handle merely the Americans there are now, without having to deal with the influx of thousands of aliens each year. Along with the myriad of immigrants to the U.S. comes an equal number of problems. The U.S. has some of the most lenient laws governing immigration in the world, and as a result, our government supports thousands more than it should have to. People cross our borders to leech off welfare and unemployment checks that actual citizens need to function in society.

Schools are forced to teach lessons multi-lingual to accommodate those children who aren’t even supposed to be here. Just imagine having to take twice as long to teach something because it must be repeated in many languages… we’d all be learning how to add in fourth grade. The sign in New York reads “give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses,” but why would we want them? It is not our burden to baby-sit the world. There’s no reason that we should have to clothe, feed, and shelter every-one that feels oppressed in his or her country because if we do, we’ll end up as crowded as China.

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Our ancestors had to work to make this country what it is today by offering their sweat and blood to the causes. We are great now because they died and suffered; the foreigners want to come in to reap the benefits without having to pay the price. By allowing people into our country we decrease the quality of life for all of those who offered their lives and their sons’ lives for freedom, and in a law-abiding country that is simply not principled or just.

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