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My Western Story

As Lara walked through the field, a slight wind blew. She stepped onto her carriage to go to town. Her carriage was drawn by two brown horses. She rode down her dusty road until she reached the town.

She arrived at the saloon and had to hold up her dress to keep it from getting dirty. She walked into the saloon and sat down at the bar. She ordered her drink. The drunken Rusty Chops burst into the door. He over tossed tables and cards and poker chips flew everywhere. He made his way through the bar until he got to Lara. He got down on one knee by Lara, and fell down. When he managed to get up, he fell over again! When he finally got his balance, he took Laras hand and with hiccups mumbled, “Lara, (hiccup), will you (hiccup), marry me?” She said, “ Rusty, you are a drunken man, go home.” Rusty got up and stumbled out the door and fell down the steps into a pile of horse manure. Lara just shook her head and giggled.

The next day she was at home. She had gardened all day, and was brushing the horses as Red, the blonde-headed sheriff rode by. He was riding a white horse, with a brown spot on its nose. Lara blushed as he tipped his hat, and rode off into the distance. From then on, all she could think about was Red. She thought about him as she brought the water inside, and as she brushed her hair. That night, before she went to bed, she smiled and looked into the stars.

The next morning, she woke up and cleaned up to go to town. She was hoping to see Red sometime. She made herself extra pretty by curling her eyelashes and making sure that every hair was in place.

She got into her carriage and rode into town to the saloon. As she sat down with something to drink, she overheard talk of Wild Juan. The Mexican outlaw looking for some trouble. She was starting to get scared. As she took another drink, Wild Juan and his Posse busted through the door. They stood there in the dust, and carried pistols in their holsters, and knives in their belts.

Wild Juan yelled in a fierce voice, “ We’re’a lookin for’a Rusty Chops.” The whole crowd got quiet, even the drunken men. Wild Juan took a step forward, and said, “Do’a any of you’a know about’a his’a whereabouts?” Everyone just shook their head. “All right then’a” he said. Just at that moment, Rusty came crashing through the door, drunker than a drunk. Wild Juan pulled out his pistol, and put it to Rustys head, and said, “What’a ever happened to my’a money?” In a slurred voice he replied, “I don’t know anything about your money.”

Lara was starting to get scared. Right as Wild Juan was getting ready to pull the trigger on Rusty’s head, he heard a click by his ear, and turned to look, and Red had a pistol put to Wild Juan’s head. Red said in a stern voice, “Let Rusty go, he hasn’t done anything with your money and you know it. I’m going to give you to the count of 10 to get your no-good gang off my land. Now, GET OUT OF HERE, and I don’t want to ever see you on these parts again.” Wild Juan and his Posse scattered like broken glass. Rusty has no recollection of what just happened. He just goes and sits at a table and knocks back a couple more.

Meanwhile, Lara is still sitting pretty at the bar. Red comes over to her, and says “Well, hello pretty lady.” She just blushes, and says, “Hello Red, you did some mighty fine work there.” “I know, “ he says as he straightens his collar.

They talk for a long time at the saloon. Red stops a few fights in the meantime. Later that evening as the sun was falling, he took her home, and they rode off into the sunset.

The End

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