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My Truest Whim Vagabond and a Big Change

I wake up at 6′ clock in the morning and go to college and return. Every day of my life is monotonous. There is nothing much to do except studies and lab assignments. The burden of this monotonous life makes me feel that I am tied to a chair of daily routine and there is nowhere to go.

Sometimes I sit in front of the mirror and watch my reflection, it gives me a vague perception that my face is somewhat crying with agony. My emotions pull me into the deeper realities of life. The realities of Poverty, Mammon, and Corruption shed tears from my eyes. I have longed in search of Happiness in this hypocritical world, but in vain.

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After having read the novel “Into the wild”, an inkling struck my cerebrum that I have found Happiness. Before this, I used to ask myself, ” Where is Happiness?”. Actually, ” The joy of life comes from our encounter with new experience and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon.” (Chris McCandless). My conscience speaks, Happiness lies in the soul, not in body. We are in our homebound by our hectic schedule, but our soul is on footloose, free from urbanization.

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“What is really inspiring me to be a vagabond?” Actually, I am a sensitive person and I can’t see the sufferings of other people. Their abject condition touches my soul. My soul elates if I think of helping them. Also, I abhor the stingy aristocrats who take advantage of those suffering people, mainly in the third world country like Nepal. I am always thinking of getting out of my monotony and traveling every corner, helping the destitute and eradicating the devil named POVERTY.

“What is the truest aim of my tramp?” I still need to search for it but sometimes, in my dream, I often see myself as the caretaker of God’s creation. It seems though humans have forgotten about this reality that, we all are born from the womb of Eve (Adam/Eve). At this stage I partly disagree with the point of Rousseau, “anyone who cannot form community…he is either beast or god”.

It is true that humans have formed a strong community but did not understand the true meaning of communism. If a community is established by the effort of each people then everyone should be treated equally but aristocratic people behave as if they are superior and become an arch of the community. The rest of the blighted people are living under the suppression of those aristocrats. People have sold their souls and it is time for me to bring their souls back.

So I am planning to wander like a saint and preach the message of equality.

This world needs a big wave of change which is not obtained by sitting at home and enjoying the modern technological advancement along with a big mug of hot chocolate. Therefore, I plan to enroll in a liberal arts college and vanquish over every field which will help me to complete my quest successfully. The quest of a true vagabond, the quest of big change, and the quest for real happiness.

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I will search for the cure for suffering in this world as Buddha did. My tramp will mostly involve traveling of the Third World countries. I will give up transient pleasures of life for the betterment of abject ones because “Happiness remains though in deliberately punishing one’s body, straining one’s endurance and testing one’s capacity for strenuousness.” (Everett Ruess).

During my rambles, I will create an unarmed army of nonviolent compatriots of Third world countries. I will lead them and this big army will root out the poverty. The tramp throughout my life will be in the search for the trusted denizens in roads and every corner of this world.

So God bless me and release me from the social bondage because, “everything in it’s primitive stage is beautiful but rots when in hand of man.” (Rousseau) I might as well be the victim of this philosophy if I am not redeemed soon.
“Ultimate freedom, an extremist, an aesthetic voyager whose home is road.” (Chris McCandless). I want to break my monotony and travel because the earth is my true home and want to explore it. The natures, wilderness and unarmed soldiers might be seeking for me desperately. They are waiting to see the light after years of darkness. So emancipate me, I want to be a sage who endures other’s pain and heals them. Please! don’t pull me into this selfish urbanization, my heart remains in remote wilderness.

“All nature is your congratulation and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The greatest gains and values are farthest from being appreciated.”(Henry David Thoreau). In conclusion, I do not want any appreciation of my work but only blessings. I want people to know money is not everything but living a satisfied life is bigger achievement. Nirvana is attained in absolute peace and peace in complete equality among people and no race for the material wealth. I shall preach this lessons in every part of the world. “I have been thinking more and more that I shall always be lone wanderer of wilderness. I’ll never stop wandering and when time comes to die, I’ll find the wildest, loneliest , the most desolate spot there is.”(Everett Ruess).

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