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My Personal Classroom Management Plan

Abstract: An educator possesses the necessary skills and training to be considered a professional in the classroom setting. The teacher is delegated to provide students with a classroom setting that holds conducive to effective learning. Aiding the teacher in creating this effective environment teachers must implement rules and procedures to provide structure for students. This established structure will allow students to clearly understand the expectations of the classroom. Two other important elements of an effective classroom are organization and planning. These elements not only provide a good learning atmosphere for students but also provides a structure for students, which is important because it allows students to develop and thrive in the classroom setting.

My Personal Classroom Management Plan: It is imperative that educators create a classroom management plan that assists in providing students with proper guidance related to behaviour and classroom expectations. Students have the obligation in the classroom to perform in an appropriate and acceptable manner. Guidelines provide pupils with the skills necessary to operate the classroom at an optimal level on a day-to-day basis. A classroom management plan should be established to encourage positive student behaviour in the classroom. The plan should strive to create an environment that diminishes unacceptable and inappropriate behaviours. Lee Canter provides a lot of insightful advice on student-teacher relationships in his textbook “ Classroom Management for Academic Success”.

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One important piece of advice Canter offers is that for a teacher to build trust with all of their students the students must respect the teacher (Canter 2006). Canter goes on to further state, that an effective teacher will recognize the importance of building trust and put forth the time and effort required to get to know the students (Canter 2006). The teacher should provide a great model of the expected behaviours throughout the classroom. The teacher also posses the duty of explaining and ensuring all classroom management techniques are clearly explained and understood by all students. It is crucial that the management plan is created simply and understandable for all students. Implementing a management plan will help students understand and display the expectations established.

Teacher Behavior and Presentation: A teacher must clearly establish their role to students in the classroom. The teacher must demonstrate leadership of the classroom which is created by having a clear and concise plan for running the classroom effectively. C.M. Charles brings up a valid point in his textbook “ Building Classroom Discipline” which is that it is important for educators to reflect on how they will conduct themselves within the classroom (Charles, 2008). It is imperative that the teacher properly demonstrates the type of expected behaviour that should be exercised in the classroom. Modelling the behaviours in the classroom will help students decipher what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviours in the classroom and school setting. To be effective, teachers must be aware of the influence they have in their classroom and the importance of being a good role model to students. The classroom management strategies implemented in the classroom serve as a guide to help students understand the expectations of them.

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As a teacher, I would implement an easily understood classroom management plan on the first day of school and continue its use throughout the school year. I would thoroughly explain all of the rules and expectations to my students to ensure comprehension. I also would send home a copy of my classroom management plan for parents to review along with their students. It is important to create parent involvement in the classroom to promote good behaviour. The letter would need to come back to the classroom signed by both the student and parent to ensure the information was discussed and understood. Having good communication between school and home is imperative to run a successful classroom. Providing students with a management plan that is uncomplicated also assists parents to understand clearly what is expected of students while in the classroom.

Behavioural Goals for Students. Creating goals for students based on behaviour is very important in a well-managed classroom. Established behavioural goals should correlate directly with the classroom management plan. In the classroom, students should be expected to display respect for their peers, adults and school property. Students should be expected to be kind and courteous towards other students and situations in the classroom. Another expectation of students is to work on tasks earnestly and turn in outside assignments. Self-respect and honesty are other components that are imperative to student behaviour as well. Creating simple goals to successfully operate a classroom promotes learning and diminishes opportunities for unacceptable behaviour. As an effective educator, I will strive to provide my students with goals and rules that support proper behaviour and active learning. In addition to this, I will also provide a clear understanding to students of the consequences of problem behaviours. I will ensure that all of my students fully understand the expectations and repercussions of my classroom management plan.

Classroom Conditions: An effective classroom should be set up to cater to the specific grade level and age group of the students composing the room. My classroom will include clear reminders of the expectations set forth of students originated from the classroom management plan. My classroom will also be designed to support active learning. The setting of the classroom will include bright and vibrant colours to attract student interest. The information posted in the classroom will be based on the information in the curriculum to help enhance student knowledge. The classroom will also be filled with materials needed to provide students with an effective learning experience.

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In my classroom, students will have access to a variety of tools used to enhance learning such as; hands-on games, computers, books and other tools used to enhance learning and provide student interaction. In my classroom, students will be given many opportunities to work in group settings. Group settings will help promote communication in the classroom and teach students cooperative learning to accomplish an assignment or goal. I will strive to create an atmosphere in my classroom that is welcoming to all and foster proper behaviour. I will provide my students with countless opportunities to collaborate and learn from one another. It is imperative to allow students to demonstrate their capability to resolve and cope with issues following the proper guidelines established in the classroom management plan.

Encouraging Proper Student Conduct: An educator must be able to provide guidelines and encourage proper student conduct in the classroom within the classroom management plan. The classroom management plan should be well regulated to provide a clear understanding to students what behaviour is and is not acceptable in the classroom. Appropriate conduct is accompanied by a proper classroom environment and behavioural goals that are created for pupils. An educator can encourage proper student conduct through the implementation of the management plan and imitation of the expectations set forth. As a teacher, I will encourage appropriate student conduct by clearly defining the component of my classroom management plan. If the students fully understand the expectations this will diminish opportunities for classroom disruptions.

Providing students with examples of the expected behaviour will also help students understand expectations. I can provide students with examples by pointing out what students are on task doing an assignment or displaying appropriate behaviour. I will strive to provide the students of my classroom with a clear understanding of what is and what is not expected of the students throughout the day. As a classroom we will practice proper behaviour, in time, this should become automatic for students. Various sections of the classroom management plan will be referenced as it is necessary to outline appropriate behaviour. Providing students with a clear understanding of the expectations will allow students to effectively work on appropriate behaviour in the classroom and reduce wasted class time.

Intervening When Negative Behaviors Occur. An effective classroom management plan must entail a section to address the procedures for handling problem behaviour in the classroom. Students should be provided with a clear understanding of what is and is not expected of them in the classroom, as well as the consequences for negative behaviour. C.M. Charles believes that educators should handle problem behaviours by using procedures that have been explained and practiced prior to the incident. He also believes that educators should encourage students to assume responsibility for problematic behaviours. (Charles 2008) A teacher must handle problem behaviour quickly to ensure that the learning process is not disrupted for other students. Every student is entitled to a free and appropriate education that meets student needs entirely.

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The classroom environment established must have a goal of minimal interruptions and strive to correct behavioural issues through an already existent process such as a classroom management plan. Teachers must present the students with a clear understanding of the classroom management plan and the consequences correlated with misbehaviour. Parents should be informed of this information as well. This will help diminish any opportunities for misunderstanding of classroom rules, expectations and consequences between school and home. Consequences can be seen in a variety of formats such as; lost recess time or a phone call home. It is a teacher’s responsibility to inform parents of any problematic behaviour their students display at school. This will help allow the parent to be aware of the issue and also enforce the expectations of the student at home as well.

Conclusion: Teachers must create and utilize a classroom management plan that is equal and clear to every student. The plan should also be executed to provide students with a basis on what types of behaviour are and are not appropriate in the classroom setting. The plan should promote exemplary student behaviour by outlining the expectations in a simple manner that is easily understood by students. The expectations set forth should strive to ensure that the classroom operates at a functional level that is beneficial to all students. The plan should also provide clear consequences for student misbehaviour. The consequences for misbehaviour should strive to diminish inappropriate behaviour. It is imperative that a classroom management plan clearly outlines the expectations of students to promote a safe, fun and active learning environment for all.


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