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My Important Object – my mobile phone

Which object is important to me? It could be money, my jewelry, books, bags… It took me a very long time to think about it, until I decided to call my classmate to ask for some ideas. This is a moment I realize that my mobile phone is the most necessary object that I could not live without it.

Indeed, the mobile phone to me is a miraculous object. It helps me to connect with the whole world. It provides me with the ability to communicate with our family and friends, etc. not only through calls and SMS but even through sending an email. With a phone, I can keep in touch with all the people that I love even some of them live very far away. I sometimes wish that I could have my mobile phone earlier so I could still be in contact with my kindergarten friends. The phone is also used as a tool by my Mom to “watch over” me. She always says “turn your phone on” whenever I leave home.

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In addition, the mobile phone is a great memory store. It contains all the pictures and videos of me, my family and my friends. I set the picture of my family as a background so that I can bring with me and see it at any time. I cherish my phone as a precious thing. I call it “ambassador of peace”; because it helps to prevent the quarrel between me and my brother. Instead of fighting with him in order to watch Disney on TV (as he likes sports programs) I can stay in my room and watch it on my phone. Thanks to all the people who have invented it.

Someone tells me that I rely on my phone too much and I do not deny it. Once I lost my phone and it seemed the whole world was going to explode in front of me. It was a typical Tuesday morning. I realized that my phone had disappeared when my friend came to me and complained about my absence at the group meeting. I was really panicked as the schedule for the whole month was set up on the phone. I remembered that I also had an appointment with the doctor on that day but I cannot remember when. I ran around, came back to all the places that I had been to this morning but I could not find it and the result was I missed the appointment with a doctor and got angry with my mother as I came home late without saying any words (I was busy with looking for the phone and forgot the time).

That night I could not sleep and wondered if I could wake up on time tomorrow because I did not have any spare alarm. The day after, I immediately ran to the O2 shop and got another phone. I felt so safe and organized when I hold a phone in my hand with all the contact numbers, a new schedule, and a completed “to do” list. After this story, I know that I so depend on the mobile phone however my life would be in a mess without it. Mobile phone to me is a treasure; an essential object which helps me with work, study and general life.

2. I structure my piece into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, I introduce the object that I want to write about. I try to explain why and how it is important to me in the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, I confirm again the importance of the phone to my life by telling my true story. At first, I want to mix up the second and the third paragraph. I want to explain the importance of the phone by telling the story but I find it is difficult in using tense (as I explain in the present tense and tell the story which happens in the past).

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