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My Ideal School Essay

My ideal school would be situated in the middle of a city so it is near to amenities such as shops, cinemas, theatres and museums. However, the school would be so well funded it would buy all the land for five square kilometres around it. With this ground, the school would create running tracks, football pitches, cricket grounds and facilities for every sport you could think of. There would also be an enormous park for the pupils and public to enjoy together. In this park would be shaded areas (so people would not get burned in the sunshine) and covered areas (to take cover while it is raining). There would be no fees but a bursary system that would allow children from any background to attend.

Each classroom would be fitted with the most modern computers running the most up-to-date programmes. Every classroom would be at least one hundred square metres and only twenty pupils would be in a lesson at one time so that the teachers could devote sufficient attention to each pupil. On the walls, there would be posters stating relevant information for the subject, for example, maps for Geography, formulae for Physics and Maths and quotes for English. Whiteboards and projectors would be available in every classroom. There would be lots of the most up to date textbooks. Every pupil would have an adjustable desk, which could be altered according to the pupil’s size and seating preference.

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In the winter and summer, classrooms often become too cold or hot to concentrate properly. To counter this, devices would be installed to keep the temperature at a comfortable level in all weather. The teachers would be able to decide what colour they have their walls painted (as long as it’s not too horrible for the pupils to concentrate on their work properly). They would also be able to play background music (but Classic FM would be banned). The recreational facilities would be brilliant. As a result of the excellent facilities, the school would attract the best coaches and the sports section would be so well many of the pupils would be invited to participate in the Olympics. Exceptionally talented sportsmen and women would be offered a small salary to attempt to keep them in education instead of leaving school to play the sport professionally.

The school would not be completely sports orientated. There would be a state of the art library, which would be modelled on the very best university facilities such as Harvard in the USA. There would be a network of computers, DVDs and CD Roms, including virtual reality systems and instantaneous links around the world to allow communications with other similar world-class schools. The science labs would be the most modern scientific apparatus in the world. The teachers and students would be co-working with visiting university professors in an attempt to solve the world’s power problems by discovering how to make fusion work effectively. Nothing but the best food would be on offer in the school’s cafeteria. Gone would be the days of greasy chips, slimy sausages and stodgy puddings. It would be healthy, nutritious but appetizing pasta-based meals cooked by one of the greatest chefs in the world.

As the school is in the centre of a city, bus routes would be easily accessible and there would be cycle lanes leading to the school which had priority at traffic lights. However, as a privilege, the prefects of the school would be picked up and brought to school by helicopter. Only the very best teachers in the world would even be considered for a job at this school. They would not only have to be extremely clever, but friendly and charismatic. They would have high organizational and motivational skills. They would also have to be able to hold the respect of the classes they taught. As well as sports the school would have many other extracurricular activities. There would be classes for people who want to set up their own businesses. These would teach people how to deal with finances and teach management skills. Classes such as pottery and art would also be available as would dance.

The debating society would be supported by top politicians and entertainers who would spend time with the pupils to understand how they feel about issues. The exam system at this school would be of a slightly different format to the current set up. Standard Grade and Higher exams would only be sat when the pupil is ready to sit them to avoid exam stress. Even more importantly, pupils would have a much greater choice in the subjects they studied and no subject would be compulsory. At the end of each school year, there would be graduation and leaving party which would celebrate the achievements of those who are leaving. This would provide a memorable send-off for those moving on to the next stage of their lives.

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