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My Goals Following Graduation

My Goals in My Life

When I graduated from High School I could remember my teachers discussing how life will be after High School. Some of the things that I could remember from those discussions that I had with one of my teachers were college life. She told me that most of the kids that come out of high school would not go to college. And if they did end up going to college, it’s most likely that they will not finish college. It was a fact that most kids will not finish college.

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In People’s Magazine, they had a poll about college dropouts that I read a couple of years ago. It’s sad that 55% of students in college will not finish. And for a long time I had that taught in the back of my mind. Sometimes I ask myself if college is really for me. However, all this thinking about college and whether it’s for me or not made me stronger.

It made me think about the future and the goal that I need to meet so I could be successful in my life. I always see myself as a businessman, running my own store, and telling people what to do. Have my own hours and have my own vacation time. I could see my self in a Lexus GS 400 big body with those big rims that keep on spinning even when I’m stopped at a red light. And sitting next to me a beautiful brunette wife who is about 6 foot tall, with a figure-eight body shape like a coca-cola bottle and lips that’s so soft when I’m kissing her it feels like I’m kissing Jello. And kids in the back fighting and yelling at each other simply because that’s what kids do.

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And a house that’s so big when a gust comes in for the first time they would get lost between the rooms looking for the restroom. I also see myself self-going back home overseas every year to see my cousins, aunts, and uncles who I love very much. To most people, this would be a dream life, but like the Add for McDonald, “IT COULD HAPPEN” of course I have to set those goals for myself and be committed to them.

The first goal that I set for myself is the one that will get the ball rolling. That is I have to finish college and get a degree in business and star a future that many people only dream about. But I’m not going to be like those people that only wish for good things to come to them, I’m going to be one of those that goes out a gets it.

However, all this would not matter if I’m not happy living my life. When people set goals for there self there is always a bump in the road, Things change through time. With that in mind, so dose the goals that you set earlier in your life. For example, my brother wanted to be a doctor when he was in college, but he changed his mind and majored in business. Its not because he was not bright enough, it was because he did not have the stomach to be a doctor. He had a bump in the road and that changed the goals that he had set for himself. I hope that I don’t have too many bumps in the road that I’m heading in.

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