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My First Day at School

The rain was pounding against my window as I awoke at the ‘ungodly’ hour of seven-thirty. It was bad enough that I had to be there at 9 AM. I felt so secure and warm wrapped up in my winter duvet. It was the best feeling in the world. As I finally dragged myself out of the comfort and security of my bed, I felt the cold as I rushed to get a shower. I didn’t really want to go, but something inside me told me I should; it would be for the best. Today wasn’t just my first day at school; it was the start of a journey. I arrived early, about eight-thirty. I felt as though I was in a jungle, a concrete jungle. The buildings were like trees, and the people were like wild animals! The jungle seemed to be full of monkeys and other wild animals.

All the wild animals seemed to know each other; I felt like I was invading their private space, like on one of those wildlife programmes, where the monkeys stare at the camera as if to say, “Get out of my space.” I was scared, didn’t have any friends, and did not know what to do and where to go, but somehow I found my way through the maze. I went to the office and asked the slithery snake behind the desk where the students of year 10 should be. I was given directions to the classroom. This had not entered my mind where to go, so the lady in the office told a student to take me. I wouldn’t say I liked the way he looked at me. The boy took me to the class and snarled, ‘Here is the classroom.’ Yet by the time, I could say “Thank you,” he had disappeared into thin air.

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My heartbeat started rising like a thermometer in a fire. I walked into the room, and everyone started staring at me like if I was their prey. But between these animals, there also was someone who came up to me and asked my name and wanted to be my friend. ‘My name is Rahim,’ he said. To me, he looked clever and mature, and so I said, “let’s be friends” They had split the class in half; the intermediate students were put on the left, and the higher students were put on the right. The whole of the left-hand side was full. Every seat was taken. A few of the students from the left-hand side had moved to the right-hand side because it was so full. There were only a few people on the right-hand side, so I sat near them.

We had English on the first lesson, and we talked about the college and where to go after school life. The voice droned on for about forty-five minutes. Throughout this talk, people joined my side of the room. This could be good or bad, I thought. Good because I wasn’t quite so on my own, but bad because I didn’t really like the look of any of them. After all the speeches were over, we were handed over to our new teachers. During this process, I felt like I was on a role call. The voice boomed out, ‘the higher group.’ This was my group. I thought I had to be in this group. He started to read the names of the people that had been condemned to this group. ‘Maneal Nakum’ sense of relief went through me; I wasn’t the first person called!

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After Maneals’s name was called, he went over to our new teacher. ‘Ritul Patel’ boomed the voice again. This was me. I hated being second almost as much as I hated being first! I walked over towards our new teacher. I could feel the eyes of a thousand people as I walked across the room. I hated people watching me. I was really paranoid about that sort of thing. Mr. Mc Crory was the name of my teacher; he was about 5’6 in height. He always had a smile on his face. Mr. Mc Crory showed our group to our room, which was our cell for the year for the English lesson. We were taken up some of the steepest steps I’ve ever been up. Our room was full of art sketches with paintings surrounding it.

Mr. Mc Crory taught us some common grammar, which would help us throughout our life. The time went flying, and soon it was lunchtime. Then I went to the dining hall with Rahim. We had a good talk throughout lunchtime, and he was telling me things about the school. Three lessons were left before home time, and I couldn’t wait. So my friend and I went to our lesson and sat waiting for the teacher; I was quite lucky to hear that the teacher was absent, so we had a free lesson and went to the field and looked at other people playing football. In the last two lessons, we would have maths with Mr. Singh, whom I have never learnt maths from. Since we walked into the lesson, I saw Mr. Singh waiting for our class to arrive to start the lesson. We started the lesson off with algebra.

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I actually like algebra, but other people in the class looked sad because they found algebra hard. Finally, Mr. Singh started asking questions, but from all thirty students, only a few students, including me, actually knew the answer… “I felt proud” It was only a few minutes left for home time, and I was so excited like all the other students. I was told my dad would pick me up, so I went outside and waited for my dad when the bell went. I looked to my right and saw my cousin waiting for me, so I walked to the car. After when I got dropped home, I kept thinking about everything that happened on that day, and I realized that the school was good for me, the teachers were teaching much better than the previous school, and overall I liked the school.

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