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My Autobiography Essay

This is my Autobiography, this is all about my life, My family, My friends, My best memories and My worst memories. The thing that I like, the things I don’t like. My Hobbies, my ambition.The happiest moment of my life, and the sad moments of my life. The Country, which I’m come from, and my culture, and my life in my country. The people I meet in this country, the things I’m surprised about this country people and the culture. My name is Alpha. I’m 14 years old. My hobbies are Reading Books, watching T.V, playing netball, playing video games and playing games with my father. My worst memories are a snake and my teacher in Sri Lanka, because when I was 6 I killed a snake with my bike wheel, I’ll never forget this In my life and my teacher, she was really strict with us, one day I haven’t done my homework, so she hit me with the ruler 10 times in my hands.

My best memories are my last day in Sri Lanka and my birthday, because I spend one day with my friends, we went to the cinema, a restaurant, the beach, and my birthday, because my dad buy me a bike for my 10th birthday and I went to trip to temple for 1 day. My ambition is to be a Doctor because I’m interested in know about new things in my life and I want to help my country peoples. I’m good at Netball, Badminton and Art. I’m not very good at English. My favourite subjects are Maths, Science, Art, Geography and German. I hate English more than other subjects because I always forget everything they teach me, when they ask me in the class, I can’t speak so, my teacher hit me or shout at me in Sri Lanka, and I’m not good at grammar as well.

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I enjoy reading lots of books, playing games and talking with my friends, who are in Sri Lanka, I’ve always phoned my friends and talk with them for one hour every month. I don’t like people talking bad things about my family; my friends and I hate people talking in rude words. I hate my English teacher, she always talks in rude words to all the people and she shouted to peoples in front of the whole class. I’m interested in Art, Netball, Music, Maths, Playing and reading. I’m bored with my family sometimes because they ask me to come to visit, I hate visiting other people houses and I don’t like to talk with people that I never met in my life. The countries I like to visit are India, Malaysia, Swaziland and Australia, and my favourite tourist places are whales in England. Ooty in India. I love watching films and playing with keyboards.

My friends in Sri Lanka, Rathiga, Mythily, Anitha, Kalyani, are my friends in Sri Lanka. I spend lots of time with them, me, rat high, mythic, Anitha and Kalyani study in one school, we always met at lunchtime and we play in the ground and we go back to houses together, then we met in the tuition, then we go back to houses together. After I went the home, my brother and I went upstairs to Bambi’s house. Bambini was like my sister, I haven’t any sister, and so I like her very much. Luke, was my friend as well, she was cousin to Bambini. We ate our dinner upstairs and we play some games and we went to bed at 10’o clock. We celebrate all the festivals together and we went to the cinema together, sometimes we slept in the tent together, when we went on a trip, we sat around the fire and we sing and making jokes and we play board games.

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It was my best memories of all the things. I’m really missing all the things; I really want to go back to that life. When I was 10, it was night time, we play hide and seek, I hide In the car, I feel very tired so I slept in the car, They can’t find me, so they went back to their houses, My mum looking for me all around my house, she can’t find me, so she asks Bambini, she said:” We play hide and seek near the car, we can’t find, so I thought she will be going to her house, so we come back”. My mum, dad and my friends searched for me near the car, they can’t find me, after an hour, My dad come and open the car door to get the torchlight, to look for me in the back garden, he found me in the car backseat, he tried to wake me up, but I’m in deep sleep, so he takes me to the house and he put me in the bed, my mum and my friends are really happy to see me again, my dad told them everything, they start to laugh.

The next morning I woke up, my mum bring me a coffee, she told me don’t hide in the car anymore, I don’t understand anything, that evening I went upstairs asked my friends what happened last time, they told me everything it makes me laugh. My mum’s name is Maha, My Dad’s name is Sathan and I have one brother his name is Krishna. I love my family and the life they give to me. My mum is my best friend I’m so glad to have a mum like her because she was very kind to her and I always care about my health and my future. She did everything my everything, without I’m asking her. She gave me a cup of milk before I go to bed and she also helps me with my studies, she always cares about my life, so she always tells me to do this, and don’t do that, she never let me go out of my own, she always comes with me where ever I go. This is my mum. I’m so lucky to have a mum such as her.

My dad is one of the important people in my family, he was very good at making jokes and singing songs. He is a best friend; I’m always sharing our opinion with each other. He buys me everything I ask. He always very kind to us, he also cares about my future, he makes me happy when I’m sad, he makes me happy by tell me lots of jokes and buy me a gift. He was good at maths so he helps me with my homework’s. He spend lots of time at work, so he helps me with us, without going anywhere, he took us to the restaurant every weekend, and he also the best cooker, he makes us food, whenever my mum got sick. I’m really happy to get a dad like him. My brother, was younger than me, he was so nice to me, but he was so annoying sometimes, he helps me to do my homework’s make my food, sometimes when I was hungry.

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I’m always fighting with him, whenever my dad comes home, we stop fighting, he like foods, he always had chocolate or crisp his hand, whenever I see him. He always gives me, anything I ask from him. I’m so glad to have a brother like him. I’m a Hindu my culture is different from this country culture. I’m lived in the north part of Sri Lanka, I still remember my house, It was very big and it had a huge garden, my house is near my aunt’s house, I’m always going to her house, she gives me some Sweets, gifts and toys for me. She had a well in the back of her house, she had lots of fishes in that well, she gave me some fishes for me, I took that to my house and I put that in my well, I and my friends play in the park every day, I’m always going to temple every week. Me and my brother, pick some mangoes from the tree and gave that to my mum. When I was 2 my uncle gave me chewing gum, it’s stuck in my throat, so I can’t breathe, my mum and my dad brought me to the Hospital.

The doctor gave me some medicine, my mum makes me drank that, after a few hours that Medicine make me sick, so I’m starting to vomiting, the chewing gum come from my mouth, then I start to breathe properly, I’ll never forget that day in my life. It was Diwali, I and my brother put fireworks in the road, at that time, one motorbike came on that way, I didn’t see that, I put the firework and I start to run back to my house, suddenly! The motorbike hit me, that man didn’t stop the bike, he just ran from that place. My leg starts to bleed, then my dad took me to the doctor, he put a bandage on my leg, then I came back home, I slept for few hours, then it was sunset, I woke up and went outside, I’m surprised! I saw my friends, my neighbours, My relatives are sitting outside and my brother, friends and sisters and brothers put on fireworks, and it was so beautiful to see all the fireworks crack at the same time.

My mum gave me some sweets to eat and she gave me a kiss, then my dad gave me some fireworks in my hand, then I start to crack the fireworks happily. It’s my best Diwali, from that day I’m scared of motorbikes. This happened when I was 6. I had a pet dog in; my country. His name was Paandi. My dad found him from the road, with bleeding legs, he took him home and he put a bandage on his leg, he gave him some milk and food, then my dad kept him in the home from that day. He was very cute and he always does, what I said to him. One day, I and my parents went to the temple with Paandi, it was very crowded. I lost my dog in the crowd, I start to cry, then we went back home. My dad said I’ll buy you another dog, but I’m not happy, I cried until sunset, I didn’t eat anything that day, the next morning I slept in my bed with my mum, I felt something was tickled my foot, I open my eyes, I’m amazed it was Paandi!

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My dad found him from behind the temple well. I’m so happy to see him again, I play with him and I gave him food to eat then I went to my dad and hug him and I said thanks. After a few months, the war starts in Sri Lanka, so we come to London, we left Paandi in my uncle’s house, but he also came to London after a month we came. He said, “Paandi ran away from his house”. I don’t know what happened to him, I’d hope he would be fine there. Now I’m in London, I had a new life, new friends and new people. It was really hard to live without my friends for few months, but now it was ok. On my first day of school life in London, I’m scared, I can’t speak English when I come to this school, but I can read and write, but I had problems with grammar’s it was easy to understand them. I like my school, my classmates, my teacher and my friends.

Here I’m live in Mitcham. I’m studying at Ricards Lodge High School in Wimbledon. I’m in year 10, I got lots of friends and I also got a best friend, her name was Poovitha, she is my first best friend I got in London, but now she has left the school, now she was doing sixth forms. She also one of the people who encourage me with my Exam. I’m really missed her now. I met her at the tram stops sometimes and I phoned her sometimes. Then I got lots of friends in my class they are Naveetha, Sara, Mandy, Emily, Alisha, Tamina and Laura, they are my friends I got them after Poovitha’s left this school. I like my tutor and my teachers they are very nice to me and got new teachers in year 10, I hate some of the new teachers in year 10, and I like to have my old teachers again. Now I can speak two languages and I’m trying to learn German, there are lots of changes in my life, but I never forgot my country, my friends, my relatives and my neighbours, that short term of my life was the best part of my life. I’m really expected to go back to my country and I want to meet my people. I’m waiting for that day!!!!

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