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Music Then and Now Essay

There are so many differences between music then and now. Music in the ’60s and ’70s was so much simpler. It was fueled by peace, love and drugs. Much more pure and organic. Music today, although entertaining, has lost itself in the pre-fabricated money machine. It is fueled by notoriety and fame. Lyrics, appearances, and the reasons behind making music are not the same now as they were back then.

Organic vs. Manufactured: Music Then & Now

The ’60s and ’70s were a time of revolution, self-affirmation and definition. The music then reflected that. Songs with lyrics like “Give Peace a Chance” and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” were songs of protest against the Vietnam war. Songs were written and sang about peace, love, and unity. Their performances were based on the feeling of the music and their surroundings (or the drugs they were on at the time). They didn’t wear elaborate meat costumes or dresses made from razor blades. They wore everyday clothes, flowing dresses and jeans. Artists sang about their feelings, and they were not so much concerned with if they made money off of their feeling or not. They played music for the sheer joy of making it, and to bring attention to political situations.

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Today times are comfortable. Yes, there is a terrible war going on, but we have other things to think about like getting the party started, whipping our hair back and forth, or our ice cream paint job. We hear lyrics like: ”honey got a booty like a pow, pow, pow; honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow” and it makes you think, “where is the sincerity and truth in a lyric like that?”. Lyrics in songs have no true meaning anymore.

Music today is what the media and producers think it should be about. Artists are no longer original, and the ones who end up succumbing to what everyone wants them to be anyways. They wear insane costumes, put on elaborate laser shows and circus spectacles that distract from the music itself. Artist creates songs and put on shows to fit a cookie-cutter format. Songs that will sell millions of records to the masses. People who have a decent voice and can hold a tune are handpicked on television to become the next superstar.

Bands are formed by picking and choosing the players who can play the guitar just good enough, as long as he wears those designer jeans make to look like his sister’s jeans perfectly. Bands are marketed and sold like they are dishwashing detergent, and they have no problem with that as long as they are making money. They gripe about not making money when their music is shared, and they complain when the bowl of M&M’s in their dressing room still contains the blue ones.

The idea of being a musical artist today has been watered down by dollar signs and designer labels. We no longer see artists making music just for the sake of making it. We do not see songs of peace and love, but rather songs about tooting it and booting it. We no longer see free music festivals thrown together where everyone pitches in to make it happen (i.e. Woodstock), but rather multimillion-dollar extravaganzas where money is the main goal.

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