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Murder Mystery – Using Forensics

A decent amount of murderers always leave behind clues for the FBI to allow them to figure out who was the culprit in the crime. The one really big clue is DNA or blood on the crime scene. In our chemistry mystery, our murderer slips some sodium sulfide into a mixed drink, then finishes him with a pistol, but the evidence remains on the scene and it is blood.

Blood is something that every living Human Being has. Human red blood cells may contain one or both or neither of 2 antigens, named A or B. Your blood, therefore, is one of four types: A, B, AB or O, which means it contains neither A nor B antigen. Blood type AB is the rarest therefore finding that type at a crime scene narrows down the possibilities. The opposite of that is finding type O blood, for it is the most common and would have a wide variety of suspects. There is also a thing that is called genetic markers. Genetic Markers function the same for every human being. There are so many genetic markers that finding 3 or 4 same markers in a human being is enough to pick him out of 1 million people. So if they have the same blood type and 3 or 4 genetic markers, it is pretty clear to have them as a top prospect. But once the blood is outside the body, the enzymes deteriorate. By the time that a bloodstain dries, some of the genetic markers are already gone. Since everyone blood type is kept on record, they can just look you up on a computer to see if you are a suspect or not.

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Another tactic to catch the criminal and plays a big part is called blood splattering. By observing the size, shape, distribution, location, angle of impact, and the surface it was found on, can tell you a whole lot about the crime. This also means that if a blood splatter was found on someone it means that they were at the scene when the crime happened. Blood splattering can also tell how many times that a victim was hit, it sometimes can leave a cast-off stain, which is just like when the blood on the knife, flies off during the change of direction.

In our murder mystery blood was a big-time involvement. There was blood found on the floor where the dead body was found. The FBI agents and investigators realized that there were 2 types of blood on the floor though. That means that there was the victim’s blood, from the gunshot and the killer’s blood, which was unleashed during the struggle. What happened is that after the bartender gave the victim a poisoned drink. He then found him lying by himself and decided to finish him off. The bartender attempted to choke the victim, but the victim fought back, and stabbed the killer with a coathanger, cutting him open pretty good in the arm. That revealed the blood splatter that allowed the FBI to find the killer. Shortly after being cut, the killer brought out a pistol and shot the victim. This brought out the second blood splatter. When the gunshot occurred everyone at the party retreated out of the house. Later that night and the next day detectives and agents came to the sight to sample the blood. They narrowed down the suspects and fought out exactly what went on in that tiny room. In our mystery, the police used all 3 types of blood finding to catch their killer, blood types, genetic markers, and blood splattering.

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My conclusion to this project is that the police have a lot of evidence and ways to find out who is the killer in every murder mystery. Blood plays a big part in each mystery, and these 3 ways are almost always lying around each mystery to find your killer. I have also learned a lot about how the FBI finds out who is the killer or if there is even a killer in each case.

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