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Much Ado About Nothing

The relationship is the key subject throughout the whole play. I agree with the statement of ‘Claudio and hero may be the young lovers but Beatrice and Benedick are much more appealing.’ As a comedy, it is known in Shakespeare’s time to have misunderstandings, confusion and end in a wedding or in a play. Much ado does the exact of the conventions of a comedy, the play is filled with different variety of events and confused identity. In the play, much ado Shakespeare emphasizes two different presentations of love via Claudio and Hero, and Beatrice and Benedick.

There is evidently a contrast between the love of Claudio and Hero and Beatrice and Benedick, as in their characteristics and attributes. Claudio and Hero relationship is more serious, whereas Benedick and Beatrice is more about arguing and comedy. Claudio and Hero’s relationship is simply conventional and apparent whereas Beatrice and Benedick’s based on their wit and deeper feelings. “Lord! I could not endure a husband with a beard on his face: I hath rather lie in the woollen.” This quotation is mostly applied to Benedick as we know he is a person with a beard which is why Beatrice trying to make fun out him but inside she has a different feeling for him.

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Beatrice is the niece of Leonato, a wealthy governor of Messina. Though she is close friends with her cousin Hero, Leonato’s daughter, the two could not be less alike. Whereas Hero is polite, quiet, respectful, and gentle, Beatrice is feisty, cynical, witty, and sharp. Beatrice keeps up a “merry war” of wits with Benedick, a lord and soldier from Padua. The play suggests that she was once in love with Benedick but that, he led her on and their relationship ended. Now when they meet, the two constantly compete to outdo one another with clever insults. This is why Beatrice and Benedick is much more appealing then Claudio and Hero by arguing with each other makes them more dominant in the play.

Benedick is the willful lord, recently returned from fighting in the wars, who vows that he will never marry. He engages with Beatrice in a competition to outwit, outsmart, and out-insult the other, but to his observant friends, he seems to feel some deeper emotion below the surface. Upon hearing Claudio and Don Pedro discussing Beatrice’s desire for him, Benedick vows to be “horribly in love with her,” in effect continuing the competition by outdoing her in love and courtship. Whereas Claudio is a young Count from Florence who has distinguished himself as a soldier under Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon. He’s a friend of Benedick and would-be groom, and then actual groom, of Hero.

However, when he returns from war he straight away falls in love with Hero. So therefore Hero is a perfect match for Claudio. As she herself is a character well respected, modest, Virtuous and talks in blank verse. In Shakespeare time individual from the same status would wed. This is why we conclude Hero’s love is fairly conventional. Benedick too is valued, but in contrast, Claudio, is not customary tends to talk on prose rather than blank verses. This is also why Hero and Claudio love is less appealing.

Women were supposed to be moral, quiet, submissive and modest, Beatrice is not this way. She talks in prose, indeed this does make her the perfect match for Benedick. Although Hero and Claudio may well be of higher status, their relationship is based on the conditions of love society’ specifications makes Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship based on true love, which makes Beatrice and Benedick love more appealing to the audience.

Claudio form of love is shallow, looks tend to mean a lot to him. He is also struggling to decide if Hero is worthy enough, this also shows the audience that their love is not more appealing. “ Benedick, didst thou note the daughter of singer Leonato?” this quotation suggests that Claudio is traditional and is unable to decide for himself if Hero is a worthy maid, for this status “can the world buy such a jewel” shows the role of women in Shakespeare’s society, as possessions, but also the love and marriage, they can be seen as the best possible values above all.


Overall I believe that a comedy it is known in Shakespeare’s time to have misunderstandings, confusion and end in a wedding or in a play. Shakespeare always makes suspense in the middle of the play, but then as we read ahead the play changes from a negative to a positive atmosphere. Hero and Claudio may be young lovers but Benedick and Beatrice are much more appealing to me defiantly agree with that.

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