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Media Essay Comparing Hair Products – Pantene Pro-V Winter Rescue and Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care

I have looked at adverts for Pantene Pro-V Winter Rescue products and Paul Mitchell Luxury Hair Care products to compare the two. Both adverts are trying to make you think that by using their products you will be made to feel healthy and beautiful, but this is achieved in different ways. The main difference between the two adverts is that they would appeal to people in different seasons. The Paul Mitchell advert would be effective in the warmer seasons when people want to feel summery, but probably wouldn’t be as appealing during the winter months. The model for the advert has blonde hair, a slight tan and wearing summer clothes, and as well as this there is a lot of green which reminds me of spring. The girl is glowing and is very naturally pretty, so many people would buy the product in the hope that they would look the same after using it.

The Pantene advert is clearly aimed at people during the colder seasons, i.e. winter and autumn. This is not only shown in the name (winter rescue) but is suggested in the advert where it says ‘so even if the sun doesn’t shine, your hair will.’ The model is wearing a jumper and has her hair wrapped around her like a scarf, making her look warm and cosy. She is also quite tanned, which many people wish to look like throughout the winter when it is cold, and there is the minimal sun. The advert is made to look wintery as it has a light blue/grey background and snowflakes, which contrasts with the warm colours the girl is wearing.

There is a lot of writing on both adverts, but it is made to look like less by aligning it on the right-hand side and separating it into smaller, more manageable paragraphs. They have used simple language to get the point across and use words that catch your attention. For example, the Pantene adverts talk about ‘rich, creamy pro-vitamin formulas.’ This sentence has so many descriptive words that it stands out and makes the product sound really effective. The Paul Mitchell adverts tend to focus on making it clear that the products are good value for money. It talks about ‘affordable luxury’ and has ‘right product, the right price, right place,’ slogan.

Both adverts would appeal to a wide audience. I think that females of a variety of ages from teenagers to middle-aged women would be attracted to these adverts as they feature models who are fairly young, but not too young to make older age groups feel that this is a look that they would be unable to achieve. Also, because the products are for hair, most people would relate to what the adverts are saying. In conclusion, they are both good adverts, and both portray what they are supposed to. However, overall, the Pantene advert is the more successful of the two because it concentrates on the high quality and results of the product as opposed to the price. On the other hand, bringing up the price so often in the Paul Mitchell advert makes the product sound cheap and can leave you unsure of its quality.

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