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Masaccio Essay

The renaissance was a time of great reform and prosperity, especially in the art aspect of it. The most famous paintings seen in museums are from the renaissance period. Many techniques that were used in Renaissance times are still used today. This was a time where many great artists from around the world made some of their best works. Some of these artists are Michelangelo, Jan Van Eyck, and Masaccio.

Masaccio was one of the first great painters of the Italian Renaissance. He was born in San Giovanni Valdarno, a small town near Florence, on December 21, 1401. He was strongly influenced by Donatello and Brunelleschi. From Brunelleschi, he learned of mathematical proportions that are crucial to his revival of the principles of scientific perspective. From Donatello, he gained knowledge of classical art that led him away from the widespread Gothic style. All of Masaccio’s works are religious in nature-altarpieces or church murals. Masaccio’s work later influenced such great artists as Michelangelo and Raphael. He is remembered mostly because of his innovative use of perspective.

One work that Masaccio has made is Man In A Red Turban. When this painting was made the profile was the most popular type of portrait. This is because important features can be shown with great detail from the side view.

Another work is Plate of Nativity. This is a round plate with a nativity on the front and a small dog on the back. It has good architectural perspective, colour sequences, and geometrical patterns.

Masaccio’s work is very different from the works of China. Chinese art is statues that are standing still with no colour or motions while Masaccio’s paintings are very colourful and indicate movement. In addition, the two works are different forms of art. One is a small sculpture and the other is a painting.

The art in the Middle Ages was not in the Cathedrals but rather the actual Cathedral itself. These are different because the Cathedral takes much more planning and money. Money is a crucial aspect in art and in the Middle Ages, the Church was the only one with money so they paid artists to build great buildings called Cathedrals.

Compared with art from ancient Greece, Masaccio’s art shows that art has evolved. The Statue from Greece shows no expression or emotion. Also, the Statue is in an irregular pose that is hard for a person to stand in for a long time. In addition, the renaissance is much more life-like and believable than Ancient Greece art.

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