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Marching Band Section Leader Essay

Being a part of this band has in itself been a memorable experience, an experience I would not trade for the world. However this past year I lost hope in the band and was actually really close to quitting the band altogether. I had forgotten why I was a part of the marching band with the stress of my school work and frustration over my tiredness in cross country. But when we played at our lakeshore competition I felt something that I had never before felt in the band. I had walked off the field with what felt like a runner’s high, the only difference is that I had just marched in arguably the most epic performance I have ever been a part of.

I have to thank that feeling I got at the end of the show for the reason I am applying for leadership, and that is something I do not think I could ever forget. When looking beyond the extra little something to set me apart on my college applications the only gains I can see from me being in leadership is personal. I know that I will benefit from this because it will help me refine my personality. Being in a leadership position of Captain in track and Cross country has helped make me more aware of how I can help others. I have also learned from my job about how to be more of a people person.

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Being a drill instructor will allow me to fine-tune these developing quality to help improve me as a person when I leave high school and enter the real world. This position of drill instructor will also allow me to gain experience as a leader. I know I have what it takes to be a great leader and I would like to improve this with the experience being a drill instructor will allow me to do. To be honest, I have applied for this position three times now and there is not much more I can say beyond this; I know I have what it takes to be one of the best options for trumpet leadership. But I will take the time to highlight my three best traits I have to offer the leadership. First, off I work hard, I tend to push myself to my limits and I benefit from it, I have shown this in my running as well as a majority of my schoolwork. This work effect I have will make me a good person for the rookies to look up to and learn from. The second trait that sets me apart is that I have become open-minded to other options.

Yes, I am still a little stubborn but during this past year, I have been able to listen to other options and even consider them to improve my ideas or even allow my ideas to be incorporated. The last trait that will set me apart from the other applicants in my section is that I have the experience they lack. I have been a captain in cross country and track since my sophomore year, I love my section most days but let’s be real some days we can be difficult people to reason with, and this is where my experience will help. My prior leadership experience has allowed me to learn how to lead effectively as well as recognize ineffective ways. I also view myself as being a fairly good marcher, and a marcher who is eager to pass my experience to the next generation of marchers before i graduate.

I hope that based on what I have told you about myself you can see that I do belong in your leadership group Even with such a short season, the marching band is able to accomplish a lot. As a band we are able to make the crowds at parades go crazy for us, we can very effectively liven up a football stadium, and we have even managed to make other bands tremble when we arrive at competitions. But one of the most important things that this band has to offer is to its member directly. The most influential side effects the band has is to develop three important things in its members that will impact us all. Those three things are pride, work office, and a love for what you enjoy.

It is those three things that can only be developed in sports and marching band. And with a band that presses 150 nearly every year, that is a lot of individuals that will be able to be successful after their high school lives are over. The most important thing the band does is to develop the younger members of the community, this benefits both the individuals and all the people they will influence in their lives.

Personally, I have had no big issue with the drill instructors, except the few that let their significant others boss the entire underclassmen group around just because they were dating a drill instructor. But overall from the observer standpoint I have not has any standout moments of spectacular leadership nor complete disaster within my section, However, if on leadership or not i do have one suggestion: better communication across sections and less to fix your section and I worry about mine. I have noticed that this has created disagreements over who marked off the spot correctly or not.

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