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Love is Blind Essay

Jeremy Gold was no ordinary 25-year-old man. Apart from being stunningly handsome with smooth flawless tanned skin, silky black hair and pumping red lips, he was also an agent working for M.I.5. One sunny afternoon after a full English lunch at the Old Inn Jeremy came home from shooting down a helicopter containing terrorists and bombs. His home was just as un-ordinary as he was. From the outside, it looked pretty normal but as soon as you opened the door you could smell the aromatherapy candles and pleasant but different smells of various countries. His house was exceptionally large, seeing as he had been the only person occupying it for the last several years. There was one room in his house which was kept hidden away and locked with many codes and key locks, even a bolt! This was the attic. It contained confidential M.I.5 secret information.

He opened the front door and casually but cautiously strolled into the large square sitting room. He slumped down on the cream electric leather sofa signed and shouted “Gertrude are you here”. No one answered. Gertrude was his girlfriend. In more ways than one, she was like him. She was young, a role model to others and her beauty outshone the sun, with her long pale blond hair and baby blue eyes. On the other hand, she was far different from Jeremy. Gertrude was an old peoples’ nurse who worked at a local residential home. Gertrude and Jeremy had been going out for 6 months now and she had moved in with him and had been living together for a month. Jeremy hadn’t been that truthful with Gertrude well he hadn’t been truthful at all. He had told her that he was an architect which explained the large sums of money and going away to countries all the time.

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He made his way down one of the hallways leading to the kitchen. On the table was a plain white tatted envelope not addressed or stamped. As Jeremy slowly cut open the flap, a small piece of paper fell to the floor. It had written in swerved joined handwriting … Jeremy fell to the floor and perhaps for the first time burst into tears. As the hands drew closer to 3:05 and a single tear cascaded down his face the phone rang letting out a cheering tone. Jeremy got up and answered the phone “hello”, a deep voice replied immediately “you’ve got half an hour” and then hung up. Jeremy threw the phone at the wall and screamed. Initially, he didn’t know what to do. His main priority was getting Gertrude back in one piece. However, the book was far too important to hand it over to these guys.

You see the book was no ordinary book. Not many people knew what was held on the pages. There were myths but that was it myths. Some say stories and secrets of the past missions and encounters. Others say the pages are empty apart from the middle page which had one sentence written which said: “read beyond the lines”. All anyone knew was that if it got into the wrong hand’s disaster could be unleashed. However, some people just wanted it for the money. It was worth millions. The cover itself was made from pure gold with silver swirls in the corners and a bronze-shaped keyhole. To others, it was more of a sentimental value. Of course, there are not many people who know about the book, well who would apart from the government’s secret services.

2:45, an hour had whizzed by and Jeremy had been staring at the same place and not moved an inch tearing his brains out for ways of rescuing Gertrude but keeping the book where it belonged, in his attic safe and sound. 2:55. “It’s no use”, thought Jeremy. “There’s no resolving it without something horrendous happening. There’s no alternative I’m going to have to do, as they say, give them the book for the safe return of Gertrude”. He slowly rose from the kitchen floor and progressed along the hallway to the stairs. He took one look up at the grand curled stairway and signed sorrowfully, because he knew exactly where he was going and why, but didn’t want to and would do anything to change the situation.

As he made his way up the stairs, he slowly got closer and closer to the attic door. Dust and dead insects covered the old worn-out wooden door making it unclear what it was. As he got closer to the final lock his heart began to ache as it pounded against him, causing his chest to fill lifeless. The door swung open and for once there was silence nothing seemed to move. Jeremy squeezed past trunks and old computers. He pushed aside a large luggage bag that let out a sharp screech that echoed through the gloomy room. As he strolled through the attic he felt a rush of cold air brush against him causing his hair on the back of his neck to stand up. Jeremy wandered around the room. Every step he took made the floorboards creak like a dolphin. He finally came to a small chest suppressed with murky green ivy. Jeremy gently raised the timber lid to reveal the book of hidden secrets.

He carefully picked it up and nervously looked around in case anyone could see through the misty petite window. He took a deep breath of air, exhaled and placed the book into his blazer against his chest. He dashed down the stairs, grabbed his coat and car keys and headed off to Anfield where the kidnappers were waiting. Time gradually went by. As Jeremy waited silently in the chilly bleak car park his mobile rang,” Yes” answered Jeremy, ” you have the book?” questioned the kidnappers, “Yes coarse”, replied Jeremy sharply, “good, go to level F there you will see Gertrude”. Jeremy shot up the stairs, level D, level E, level… F… yes. He swung open the door. The car park was deserted apart from a red Volkswagen. “Gertrude” he yelled. His eyes are full of despair and anxiety. He spun around, a gun was pointed at Gertrude’s head. There was a sharp pause. “Hand over the book and you can have your lover back,” remarked the kidnappers.

“Please don’t bring Gertrude into this”, begged Jeremy sliding the book along with the cold gloomy concrete. The kidnappers grabbed the book, and slowly let in the release of Gertrude. Before anyone could do or say anything BANG, the bullet had been released and entered Gertrude’s head, Dug Dong, fell to the floor. “Noooooo” shrieked Jeremy. He ran towards Gertrude’s body. Boom…Boom, several gunshots followed, the kidnappers had all been shot in the head and they laid unwanted on the ruff ground. Jeremy turned around instantly, standing just 15yards behind him was his co-workers from M.I.5. Jeremy shot up from crouching by Gertrude’s corpse and without a second thought charged at one of his colleagues and friend who was holding a gun. Thankfully Jeremy wasn’t in the right mind and he was able to be wrestled down to the floor.

His co-workers told him to calm down and listen very carefully because what they were about to say was about Gertrude and who she was or should they say, who she wasn’t. John, Jeremy’s best friend and colleague in M.I.5, explained carefully and thoroughly what Gertrude had forgotten to mention. “Jeremy… Gertrude was no old people’s nurse who worked at a local residential home, unfortunately, she was an undercover agent working for the Russian government. We’ve known you were dating her all the time, we had to see what she was planning. I’m afraid to say she put cameras in all your rooms in your house and even in your briefcase!!! As we not know, she was looking for the book. We recorded the conversation she had with her so-called ‘captors’ which were actually her bosses and colleagues. We came as soon as we could to retrieve the book and accomplish a mass execution. Her actual name was Ana Pataly meaning she will rise again. Do you understand now why we had to murder her and the rest of the agents working for her”? There was stillness.

No movement or sound, everyone’s eyes faced at Jeremy each eye said a different thing, pity, shame, embarrassment, gullible sod! He took one last look at Gertrude and left. “Where are you going asked” John. “Home” replied Jeremy silently. He got into his car and drove home. He entered his house and went up the stairs towards the attic, he opened the attic door and without query, he struck a match and hurled it at a box full of M.I.5 documents. As he watched it go up in flames all he felt was anger and regret. “I loved you he shouted out loud. I was going to purpose to you. How could you do this to me”, his throat throbbing as each word escaped? He staggered out the room, fell against the wall and broke down into tears. As he rocked back and forward, closing his eyes, praying that when he opened them, it would’ve all been a dream, none of it was real. But each time he released his eyes he could see the blaze of fire getting closer and closer.

Now he was finding it hard to breathe. But he didn’t want to move, he liked where he was. The temperature started to rise, Jeremy started to cough. “I don’t want to die” he whispered shaking his head. He got up and made his way to the bedroom, shut the door and began piling his belongings into a suitcase. He sat on his bed and slid open his bedside table draw. Carefully he picked up a large brown envelope. Enclosed was �600,000! He pushed it into his trouser pocket heaved the suitcase over his shoulder and began to run down the stairs out of the door. He climbed into his car, took one last look at his house and everything that it stood for go up in flames. And blissfully drove off into the sunset not knowing where he might be the next day, next month or next year.

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