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Love and Basketball Essay

The story, which begins in the early 1980s, follows two childhood friends and neighbours, Monica and Quincy, as they both rise to the elite ranks of professional basketball. The two, obviously meant for each other, fall in love with the same blind devotion they have for the game. However, when they both end up as freshman recruits on USC’s men’s and women’s teams, trouble begins as the film explores relationship problems that arise in a period of increasing equal opportunities for women.

This is not an ordinary sports movie. In the title, the two are equals, and love retains the first position. The movie delicately weaves the two together, using the game of basketball as a metaphor. There are several examples of noise in this film. The most significant one is the sound of basketball everywhere in the streets and the basketball court. The noise that the cheerleaders make before and between the games is another good example of noise in Love and Basketball. The other example of noise in this movie is the sound of music and dancing at the party after the game and at the prom party.

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Communication in this movie is so good, and some factors affect it. Characters act based on what they say and talk about. For example, when scrabbling for the basketball in the driveway, they’re testing out social and interpersonal boundaries. “Wanna be my girlfriend?” asks Quincy, with not an idea in his head what that might mean. They agree to initial terms (a first, five-second long kiss), but in the next heartbeat are fighting again, as Monica refuses to give up her bike to ride on Quincy’s with him.

Another excellent example of communication, which affects the whole movie, is when the boys play basketball in the neighbourhood, and Monica comes to them. She wants to play with them, but they refuse her, and then when they find out she is a girl, Quincy says: “girls can’t play basketball,’ but Monica says: ” I play better than you.” Sometimes we see that in these films (especially in the first Quarter), dialogue and communication make fun of the other person. For example, when at first the boys (Quincy and his friends) are playing basketball with Monica, he says: “In the future, I’m going to be in NBA, and you (Monica) are going to be my cheerleader.

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This sentence is more for making fun of Monica and other girls and convincing them that girls can’t play basketball and any sport. Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in this movie. For example, when they are dancing at the party with their partners, Quincy and Monica look at each other. However, they are with somebody else. That shows that they have feelings for each other, and they want each other. Although they never talk about it, how they act and nonverbally communicate proves that they love each other.

Another example of nonverbal communication is when Monica is playing basketball, and she talks to herself. She is careful not to lose the ball, and she constantly reminds herself that she can score and make her team win the game. She looks at the loop, and she is confident she can score the ball. The other example of nonverbal communication is when the referee says that the ball is for the other team, and she looks so frustrated. We can tell by looking at her that she is furious, and by that face, she wants to complain to the referee and his decision towards the game.

We see a lot of examples of stereotyping in Love and Basketball. We see in this movie that black characters aren’t drug dealers, criminals or other racial stereotypes – and instead are more ordinary people with more down-to-earth concerns. The stereotype that was presented in all of the movies was the dependency of women on men. Male characters always participated in helping a female character to reach success. Monica’s love for a basketball player was an essential part of her way to glory. The rejection of her love by a man was one of the central moments that made her want to practice even harder.

The stereotype here is that Monica wears boyish clothes, shun typically girly clothing, and prefers to spend their time with boys as she was a kid. But, of course, the movie makes it amply clear that this girl only wants to play sports with the boys, and she has no sexual interest in them. Another stereotype in this film is that Monica loves Quincy, but she never lets him see that until after prom night; before then, they are simply neighbours, friends and ballplayers.

Characters have an excellent ability to self-disclosure. From the beginning, we see that Quincy introduces himself as a kid who plays basketball, and his father is a famous man in basketball. In another part, he introduces himself as someone who knows the whole neighbourhood, and he says: “If anybody messes with you, just let me know because I run this street.” But when we get to the second part of the movie (Second Quarter) we realize that as the kids grow up, they become less talkative about their personal information and revealing them. Monica loves Quincy, but she doesn’t tell anyone, and she hides it.

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And also, we see that Quincy’s father is cheating on his wife without telling anyone, but later on, he tells his son (Quincy), so he would tell his mom, but it’s too late because she already knows about it by putting a spy on him. So that causes them to ruin their life and not having a happy life and family after that. The other example of self-disclosure is when Monica tells Quincy that she loves number 32 because of some specific basketball player. She says that he is her hero; that’s why she has number 32 everywhere, and on everything, she’s wearing, like her shoes and her jersey.

The dialogues are very predictable, and the storyline comes up short of moving the audience. In other words, the love story between Quincy and Monica becomes pretty cheesy. The characters take lessons from each other except for the time that they get to argue. So, for example, in the first part of the movie, we see that Quincy as a little boy, says: ” I can’t do this.” And then his father immediately says: “never say that word, never say you can’t.” but when it comes to part that Monica and Quincy are both grown up, in the part that they are in the car, Quincy argues with Monica about her attitude and manners and he thinks she is rude and offensive and that’s why she can’t get to a good basketball team.

Often, the dialogues are funny, but at the same time, it teaches the listener something. Still, usually, the listener comes up with a response, and they often solve their problem through talking, and we hardly ever see that they get to a real fight. For example, we see that after Monica sees that Quincy is dancing with another girl at the party, she gets mad, but the same night, they start talking about their future and life, and they start kissing, and they forget about the past and the bad things that happened before. The film features excellent elements of conflict involving love, competition, unfaithfulness, sexual equality, trust, and family dynamics.

Quincy’s love for the game is somewhat reduced when his father fails him. Also, his love for Monica is something he does not truly realize until he is without her. Although Quincy was a stubborn, hardheaded type of kid who always had everything handed to him, later, he would realize how tough things are. Monica grows up with an attitude that eventually catches up with her in college. After she tones down, her love for basketball becomes true passion as she stands out in her sport. At first, no one would expect Monica would be a WNBA star one day, but soon she impresses her neighbours with her fierce determination and skills.

She grows as a woman and player, leading to conflicts between them over relationship versus career. Lost and angry, Quincy makes several decisions that send them off in different directions, only to have fate and passion bring them together once again. The most mixed-up conflict in this movie is when Quincy discovers that his father has been cheating on his mom for years. This was so hard to predict and guess. The other conflict is when Monica comes home to work at her father’s bank, and she finds out that Quincy’s engaged to someone else, namely, Kyra, who is instantly pegged as too superficial and too tall for the ever-serious Quincy.

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The film’s message is that as a young, talented woman, you can have a glamorous career, you can have integrity, and you can have the troubled, misogynistic man of your dreams. Maybe so, but we never get to see the divorce after the credits have rolled. In other words, the age-old power struggle between man and woman, appropriately depicted in the film as a culminating one-on-one game between Monica and Quincy, played for the wager of marriage, doesn’t have to end in matrimony, but continues, perhaps, as a painful, yet rewarding game of basketball.

Healthy relationships can be characterized by respect, sharing and trust. They are based on the belief that both partners are equal and that the relationship’s power and control are equally shared. The relationships that people make in their teen years will be a particular part of their lives and teach them some of the most important lessons about who they are. An essential part of any healthy relationship between two people is talking and listening to one another. You and the other person can figure out what your common interests are. You can share your feelings with the other person and trust that they will be there to listen and support you. In healthy relationships, people don’t lie.

By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person, you show them that they are an essential part of your life. In healthy relationships, you learn to respect and trust essential people in your life. In healthy relationships, working through disagreements often makes the relationship stronger. In healthy relationships, people respect each other for who they are. This includes respecting and listening to yourself and your feelings so you can set boundaries and feel comfortable.

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