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LOST-descriptive writing

I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know how I got there, or how I was going to get out, all I knew was that I was lost!

I looked around, it was so dark that I couldn’t see my outstretched hand in front of me but I could smell the musty smell of damp wood. I assumed I was in a forest in England but something told me I could be mistaken, something slithered past my leg hissing as it passed. I was terrified, my heart pounded in my chest as I tried to keep as still as possible until I was certain that I was safe! It was at this point I realized I wasn’t safe at all, I wasn’t in a wood, I most definitely wasn’t in England, I was in a rainforest and I had no idea where… I began to run, as fast as my legs could carry me over the leaf-littered floor, trampling on bugs as I went only stopping when I reached the edge of the forest, here I collapsed exhausted, afraid and alone.

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I jerked awake, I could feel the heat upon my exposed back, burning, the sun was beating down on me. I attempted to move; my aching legs refused to co-operate. I was paralyzed. I lay there, at the edge of what could only be described as a jungle, not able to walk or even crawl, my only hope was to drag myself through the trees along the jungle bed over the mud, leaves and insects swarming around my body trying to find the way I came in.

My hands began to ache as I reached a gap in the trees where the light was creeping through. I could hear running water. Although not being able to find out which way the noise was coming from I carried on dragging myself along the floor. Finally, I reached a deep pool of blue water. It wasn’t just a pool but a beautiful waterfall with water as clear as a diamond. The sound of crashing water filled my ears with its harmony, I watched the waterfall crashing onto the rocks below and bouncing into the deep pool.

As I lay next to the pool I heard a noise, this time it wasn’t a hissing noise, it was something much louder and whatever it was, it was getting closer! I lay trembling with fear, adrenalin pumping around my body. I closed my eyes hoping, praying, whatever it was that was making the horrific noises, would soon go away. How wrong could I have been?

Closer and closer the noise crept. The adrenalin pumping around my body faster and faster. My fists clenched tighter and tighter, I waited. Then suddenly the noise stopped suspiciously, I turned myself over with all my might but I didn’t dare open my eyes, I didn’t think I could stomach the horror that would stand before me. Nothing happened, I gulped, the cautiously I opened my eyes and quickly shut them again. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Nothing!

I was sure I had heard a noise and was sure that it was getting closer and closer. I couldn’t have imagined it, it was too real.

The noise started again. This time I lay and watched. All I saw was something moving in the trees, leaving a path of destruction. I wasn’t imagining things there was and still is something out there.

I noticed a small opening in the cliff, which was behind the waterfall. This opening was about twenty metres above the ground. I decided, even though my legs were paralyzed, to attempt to climb there for safety from whatever was in this jungle.

The climb was treacherous and took a lot of determination to climb the jagged, crumbling and weathered rocks. Finally, I had made it, trembling and shaking, to the top. I looked around to see that I was in a little opening that looked like a cave, behind the waterfall. It was only about two metres high and three metres deep.

The cave was dark, damp and eerie. The stench was unbearable but I knew if I didn’t want to die, I had to bear it! I was getting damper by the minute with all the vapour created by the waterfall, I could hear the ‘drip drip’ as water seeped in through the rock pores like a leaking tap. I still hadn’t figured out how I got here. Or where I was.

All I could see below were trees, bushes and shrubs. All different shades of green, dark, light, dull and bright. All mixed together to make one huge canvas of colour.

Whilst climbing down the rocks by the side of the waterfall I heard the noise again. It gave me a fright and I lost my grip on the rocks and fell, to what I thought to be my death. But no it was to my advantage as I woke at the foot of the cliff I could feel my legs. I was so happy. So happy in fact I hadn’t noticed that the creature or whatever was in the jungle was making its way towards me. I didn’t even need to turn round, I heard its growl, smelt its putrid breath, felt the ground tremble beneath my body, I picked myself up, and ran…

I ran as fast as I could across mud, grass, leaves, creatures, roots and fallen trees, my heart beating so fast I could hear it ringing in my ears, I ran still faster through trees and bushes until finally the creature could not be heard or seen, all that surrounded me was silence, in fact, you could hear a pin drop! But it was no pin that I heard drop…

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