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Life In The Sixties Essay

This story led me to feel that in the 40?s segregation was still very much in action and that the minorities were getting the short end of the stick. They were not only getting unequal education compared to the white school but they were not getting the same financial backing as well. Since the white school was getting all new equipment from all ranges of things to athletics to art. It seemed as if the children in the minority schools were fooled into thinking they were getting the same education and opportunity as the white kids. Really if they didn’t have any athletic skill they were stuck working a blue-collar job.

The whole story up to the end made you think that the kids were accomplishing something great and let out into the open world to succeed at anything they wanted. In reality, as it clearly showed at the end it was not true. The girl in the story was not going to give up but try that much harder. This whole story used description very well and the point was openly clear. That is the kind of story I like that doesn’t have to be vague, it just gets right down to the point. Everything in the story was clearly put there for a reason and all the points blended into each other to make her point evident. I picked this story because I can remember how the anxiety built up at the time of graduation along with the respect for those who were graduating.

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All through the story, she has many points in the story that I am sure many of the people who graduated can relate to. For example, when she talks about how busy everyone is not doing school work but preparing for the big event with much pride. Everyone seems to not care they are putting so much effort into the occasion. As far as the girl who is graduating, she is very smart. She is graduating high school and can already see what is going to happen to her life that is for the most part picked out by society. She realizes that all the junk all the teachers and the administrators tried to teach her such as her being able to do anything she wants is in most parts false. It would be possible for her to succeed above average with twice as much work as the white kids.

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