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Letter from Isabel Allende to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Imaginary Letter from Isabel Allende to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Dear Madam Allende:

I have recently finished reading your book, House of Spirits, and I am amazed by how much your book mirrors that of my book. Now, I am not mad at you for taking my material and working with it, because many great works have come out of such replicas.

I am truly intrigued by the character of Esteban Trueba and his endeavors. He mirrors that of my character, Jose Arcadio Buendía, both of who seem to want to create a society in their image. Both of the characters are at first, very open to change, but as each story progress, both cannot accept the consequences of their actions. But your character Esteban intrigues me a lot because he is able to change at the end, unlike my Jose Arcadio Buendía, Esteban was able to find redemption with the help of the people he loved.

Also the character of Transito intrigues me also. My idea of the power of the female is shown in your novel, but this character fully embodies it. She not only is able to change with changing situations, but she is able to make herself rich and powerful, and never succumb to failure, something that my character Ursula had lacked.

I am not mad at you for copying my work for you were able to convey the same themes that I had tried to convey. You also took my work a step further and were able to show how one was able to redeem from such bad qualities. Thank you for taking the theme(s) that I had used, for they were not my themes to begin with, and improving them for the better.

Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Author of 100 Years of Solitude

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