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Learn How to Write a GED Essay

The term GED essay may confuse you unless you are familiar with the General Education Development (GED) credential. This is an internationally accepted equivalent of High school diploma level studies. It is ideal for those who may have had to drop out from school prior to completing their high school studies. If you have decided to acquire a GED qualification that is a very wise move as this will take away any obstacle you may have in pursuing higher studies in future or gaining a job that requires you to have minimum high school completion qualifications.

Have you got an understanding of the GED test battery? When you sit for the GED test, it is important for you to be fully aware of the skills that the examiners aim to check. To attain the qualification, you will have to sit for 5 subjects that make up the test battery. Following are the 5 areas in which you will have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

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  • Language Arts, Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Mathematics

These 5 areas are considered as the core knowledge areas which is sharpened and developed during the high school years. When a person who has not passed high school sits for this exam, they are expected to attain the passing standard of 7 ½ hrs set out by the test battery. The exam is available in English, Spanish and French.

Getting prepared for the GED essay. If you are planning to take a GED test, then passing the Langue Arts, and Reading, then getting prepared for the essay component is essential. The essay scores 35% of the test score. Your best bet in getting prepared would be to get hold of past papers to become familiar with the type of essay prompts and writing few practice essays. You should refer to some sample GED essays which have earned passing marks so that you can follow the same writing style. The expectation is for you to provide your personal viewpoint, supported by a cohesive argument or justification. This is why you need to sharpen your opinion essay skills and analysis essay skills to face the GED successfully. The minimum word count is 250 but if you want to pass the test, shoot out a well structured 5 paragraph essay with 450 -500 words.

What areas are marked in the GED essay? The success of the essay depends on whether you know how to write the essay to fulfil the marking criteria. Following are the key points to note when you tailor your essay to the evaluation criteria set by the GED examination body.

  1. Response to the Prompt – Your essay must be written in direct response to the GED essay prompt given. If this is unclear in your essay, you will score very low marks.
  2. Organisation – Examiner will check whether the essay is written according to a proper essay structure. You need to apply a quick essay outline to make sure your essay is organized cohesively.
  3. Development and Detail – You need to establish your point and develop the thesis clearly. It should be well supported with appropriate details.
  4. Conventions of EAE – EAE stands for Edited American English and you are to demonstrate that you have a proper grasp of language elements as framer, punctuation, spelling and sentence structures.
  5. Word Choice – Lastly the essay must have a good choice of words that demonstrate your vocabulary strength.

So, if you are going to be sitting for a GED essay, now you know how to write the essay in the proper manner. Always keep the above 5 key areas that form the basis of marking by the examiners and target to fulfil their expectations in these categories.

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