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Kleemann Hellas Promotion and Price PEST Analysis

Kleemann Hellas was founded in 1983 based on the know-how and license of the German Kleemann Hubtechnik GMBH. The head office of the company is in the industrial area of Kilkis. There are also offices and show rooms in Athens and Thessaloniki as well.

Kleemann’s activities concern both the manufacturing and trading of Complete Lift Systems. It is enlisted among the largest companies of this field in the European and international market (more than 4000 systems or 4% of the world lift market)
In Greece, the company holds a leading position in the constantly developing lift market with a 72,5% market share in the installed units and 40,3% in value.

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Sales outside Greece are equal to 20% in 2001 and 37% in 2002 of the total turnover of the company. They are carried out to over than 25 countries, with England, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Cyprus to be its main markets.

The Kleemann group includes three subsidiaries

  • KLEFER, a manufacturing company of automatic lift doors, with head offices at the industrial are of Kilkis
  • KLEEMANN ASANSOR, a trading lift company actively involved in Turkey’s market
  • LEISTRITZ HYDRAULIK GMBH, a German lift manufacturing company

The project will focus in one of the Kleemann’s product. “Complete lift system” or more specifically “complete passenger lift”, which it will include everything that our lift functions properly.


Apollo Traction MRL

This is one of the most innovative and special product that Kleemann has recently introduced for the European market.
The Apollo Traction MRL is a machine room-less lift with a special patented drive mechanism in ant seismic elevator, actually being the first solution of this kind in competitive European market. This perfect solution has already been patented by the Dutch group lift institute, one of the biggest certification agencies in Europe for special and innovative lift. Besides that Apollo is space saving and flexible for the smallest shafts.

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Apollo is the serious alternative which suits all.

Apollo Traction MRL was developed in cooperation with Alpha Getriebe of Geramny, on of the leading European companies in its field. Apollo uses the Alpha planetary gear technology, but what is important to mention here is the fact that what makes this product special it was the Kleemann its own idea. Covering 360 kg and very soon 1000 kg rated load, Apollo is a state of-the-art solution for machine room-less lifts in Europe.

The Apollo Concept

Drive mechanism:
• State-of-the art drive mechanism (only 130 kg weight). Easy to mount on top of the cabin
• Frequency controlled synchronous motor with speed up to 1.2 m/s
• The motor has integral resolver for positions and speed control
• Excellent leveling accuracy
• Low noice and vibration levels, energy saving, high efficiency, long service life, minimum maintenance

Decentralized microprocessor controlled with bus wire:

• Frequency controller with the integral microprocessor installed on the car frame
• Call processor in car operating panel
• Central processor with inspection unit is located outside the shaft and can be placed an any floor-highest flexibility
• Pre-assembled electrical installation (fully pre-wired)

Shaft head construction

• Can be installed to normal shafy walls that require no special construction
• Installation of all parts in tast and easy

The Apollo complete system is offered with

• Automatic doors with frequency control operator
• Side opening and central opening doors, available in various finishings
• Many attractive cabin design available
• Large variety of COPs, LOPs
• Guaranteed compatiability of all components
• Functional packing design
• Detailed installation and operation manuals


Promotion is among the most important piece of the product. To produce a qualitive, well designed product is not enough that our product is going to have a success in the market. Nowadays besides that, a modern company must have an efficient and effective communication with its intermediaries, consumers and various publics. Kleemann, in order to have a well communication with its, consumers and various publics, uses different promotion tools also known as promotion mix, which consists of the specific blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations which help the company to persue its advertising and marketing objective.

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Actually, the product that I am examining obviously is an industrial good, and the importance of different promotional tools varies significantly. The Kleemann Company has allocated a considerable budget to support the promotion of its innovative products and among them one of the most important is our Apollo Traction MRL. In order to dramatise the image of the product and to differentiate this product, they play an important interest in the participation of different events such as: exhibitions, seminars, direct meetings with different publics etc.


The role of the pricing is very crucial in marketing-mix, and the company’s pricing decisions are affected both by internal company factors and by external environmental factors. The pricing may play an important role in helping to accomplish the company’s objectives at many levels. This means that is not a good strategy for a company to use the same price strategy for all products. Actually our company operates in this way, basically, Kleemann set its prices related to quality, design, uniqueness of the product. Their main objective is to provide products and service of high quality and value. A real example of that is our product Apollo Traction which is one of the most innovative and unique product of Kleemann.

Apollo was some king of monopoly when it was first introduced at the European market and different exhibitions attracting the attention of many customers that were willing to pay for obtaining this special product. The fact that this was the first solution of this kind in the European market and were no other substitutes of this kind in this market Kleemann made a smart move setting a satisfactory price for its product, not so high one even if they could have done that, actually a competitive one with other American and Japanese ones in order not to invite them and offering their similar products with lower price, so Kleemann earned ground by this movement increasing, even more, its market share and sales by this movement increasing, even more, its market share and sales by satisfactory indication. Showing one more time that they are leaders in the Greek and European lift market.


The place is the remaining important piece of the marketing mix. Distribution of channels are more than a simple collection of firms tied together by various flows but their roles are more crucial than that. Actually Kleemann group with its three subsidiaries: Klefer, Kleemann Asansor, Leistritz Hydraulic GMBH. They operate as a single body and this gives Kleemann a great competitive advantage among other companies enlisting it among the top companies of this kind in lift market that provide to customers a complete lift system and such a wide range of products and services.

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As we have mentioned before it is an international company and its products and services are available in about 50 countries due to their excellent distribution channel, with a strong presence in Germany, England, France, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain. Actually, Kleemann uses a sophisticated hybrid marketing channel in order to reach its multiple customer segments that are located in different countries using a variety of direct and indirect approaches to deliver the firm’s goods to its customers. The head office’s and the place of installation of the company are located in industrial area of Kilkis, an area which offers high tax incentives and further opportunities for EEC programmes.

In Greece the company distribution channel function pretty good and is composed of a strong network which consists of a big modern plant, showrooms and offices in Thessaloniki and also showroom, office and warehouse in Athens where products are stored for sale or serve as an exhibition for existing and potential customers that may be maintenance and installation lift companies or direct construction companies.

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