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Is World Peace Possible?

I strongly believe that Wars and conflicts are inevitable in today’s world. Countries tend to race towards supremacy and dominance places the vision of world peace miles and miles away from us. In today’s world, there is a lack of humanity and just governments. The powerful governments usually misuse their power and cause global unrest and injustice. Now I am going to talk about the various reasons stopping us from reaching global peace. Dominant countries of this world are filled with greed. Therefore, it’s in their best interest that other minor countries stay inferior to them so that they can act as global law enactors. For example, U.S.A entered the Korean War with the main objective of giving a heavy blow to communism, which was a threat to them. Nowadays, the U.S.A and other European countries as well are trying to disarm North Korea from having nuclear weapons. In contrast, they themselves have a supply of nuclear warheads that can destroy the world many times over.

They justify this by saying nuclear weapons would be dangerous in the hands of North Korea, but how can we be sure that nuclear weapons are in the right hands when it is with the U.S and Europe? Global peace is hard to achieve with these conflicts treated in such a biased manner. Wars are started for economic reasons as well. If a country gains control over other countries, it benefits its economic interests. As of the times of the Romans, countries have needed expansion of their influence and power to boost their economy. The Romans needed to make wars to get slaves, which were the powerhouse of their economy. Today the U.S.A is expanding its control on other countries through wars. For example, if there will be a war against Iraq shortly, the U.S.A will be able to control petroleum prices and consequently control many countries’ economic development.

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Countries also tend to want to stay dominant. They oppress weaker countries to stop them from going head to head with them. When India gained independence from the British, they divided the country into two, which they justified as best for India’s two large majorities. Consequently, this helped the conflict grow. The separated countries, Pakistan and India, are degenerating their economies daily with large military build-ups to protect themselves without any stable financial support. This division is because a combined India and Pakistan could have been a potential world power, which is not in the interest of European countries. Pakistan and India have had 3 wars since the separation.

Another reason for global unrest is the constant development of military weapons. Although the cold war between Russia and U.S.A has been over, military developments continue. Countries with large military funding constantly develop better weapons to overwhelm the military abilities of potential enemy countries. Minor conflicts due to this between countries can grow into complete wars. Full-scale wars can start due to military developments. Although the cold war is dubbed an arms race between the U.S.A and Russia, it was a major cause of many wars, such as the Korean War and the Afghanistan war. Military build-ups clearly lead to no benefit other than to increase the affect of war. The main question here is that if the world is filled with dirty politics, worldly interests and hunger for power, could there be world peace?

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Some people may say that world peace is possible as long as differences between countries are abolished and the world countries focus on economic development without taking arms. I think this can only be accomplished if the countries accept one political system if they accept one leader, if they abolish all military development programs, if they abolish economic interests, and if they accept one ideology. As you can see, when it comes to world peace, there are a lot of “ifs.” These things are humanly impossible since no country would like to be dominated in any way by another country and is ready to give up its existing power. As we have seen, having a peaceful world today is virtually impossible. Conflicts and wars come and go constantly and mercilessly, and it is very disheartening to see that world peace is not possible shortly. In fact, it’s a mere myth.

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