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Is war ever Justifiable

English Writing Essay – Is War Ever Justifiable?

In this essay, I will be exploring the question ‘Is War Ever Justifiable’. War has been going on for centuries. Philosophers pondered whether war is ever justifiable. Different views and theories have developed throughout the centuries and attempted to solve this dilemma. Using religious guidance, ethical theories and general arguments, I will decide for myself whether or not war can be justified. I feel that war is not justifiable as the war takes innocent lives. It is not ever reasonable to take someone’s life or to lose yours. I think war is only justified when it is the absolute last resort.

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There are several reasons why I and many people believe war is not justifiable. The most unjustifiable consequence of war is the loss of innocent civilians’ lives. Civilians, who could have lived to make a huge impact on the world. When war comes everyone suffers. Any kind of war is unjustifiable because it involves only killing. And what kind of victory does one get? Victory over millions of dead human flesh. Victory over the broken hearts of the family and relatives of the dead. Victory over shattered million dreams, desires, hopes, and lives.

How can a war ever be justified? The deaths of innocent lives must not be ignored. I understand people might disagree with me, stating although innocent lives may be lost it may help make a positive change in a country in the future. This to me is a misguided argument as people forget to realize that it doesn’t always turn out that way. Take World War 1 for example. What did they achieve out of it? It was a total disaster and the war was supposedly set to bring peace started another war – World War 2! Violence will only cause more violence.

In addition, I strongly believe that wars are caused by powerful people who want to increase their wealth. War is due to greed, anger and selfishness. Only the leaders are to be blamed. The leaders do not fight for themselves; instead, they get everyday/ordinary people and expect them to do the fighting and take the risk of being killed. Some argue that it is everyone’s duty to fight for one’s country and it is also a great honour to die for one’s country anyone who doesn’t is a coward or a wimp. Again I think this is an unwise argument. These people don’t realize that they are being tricked and putting themselves in danger. Furthermore, they are aiding the leaders in the process. Only weak-minded people feel that they can only win through physical power. Look at Gandhi. He defeated the British without resorting to war. War is not necessary and it’s not a good solution for revenge.

Furthermore, I believe one country does not have the right to intervene in another country’s business. I think this is the main source of how most wars start. One country buts in with another countries business and before you know it you’ve got a conflict. Like the war in Iraq, how did that start? The US thought that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq disagreed. So the US started a war with Iraq just like that. It seems that many people disagree with me saying that this not how wars start.

Furthermore, they say what if the other country is killing people like the Nazis in Germany. Would you stand idly by and let them kill innocents? Surely Not. I understand you would help your country in such a threat like that but maybe you won’t need to start a war. The world is full of selfish people and people always try to go to the maximum extent over things. You could try and do it in a different way that doesn’t involve violence for example a peace treaty. War is not the answer to things and there is always another way.

War changes the way people live their lives. War hurts people emotionally, changing someone’s feelings and looks at certain things. War also hurts physically and mentally and hurts a person’s mind due to torture. War is the most hurtful thing in mankind and for millions of people, it ends their lives. War just doesn’t have an effect on one or two people it has an effect on the whole country. It rips countries apart and leaves them in unimaginable situations.

In addition, I think War is brutalizing and unconscionable, war is also unhealthy and unforgettable and my personal thought is war is an act of human stupidity. I firmly believe war can never be justified and it should only be used as an absolute last resort. If it continues like this I think in the end War will lead to the end of the world. Weapons are getting stronger with the ability to kill a million people in a second. The amounts of deaths are shocking; like the Iraq war. 109,032 civilian deaths as a result of October 2010. War is not worthwhile and it can never be justified.

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