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Information on Hindu Practices and Teachings

Hinduism has many ceremonies and rituals. First off, they all believe that the priest had to read the newborn baby’s horoscope to determine the name. They looked at the stars and drew the night sky. That helped to show the baby’s future. If the name were not informed there would be a naming ceremony the following week where the priest chooses. There are lots more ceremonies like; the threading ceremony when the baby is nine or ten. There are also festivals like; the Raksha Bandhan, which is a family, feast that takes place in August. A festival Holil celebrates the coming of springtime.

There are even festivals to this day, almost once a month. On January 14th, the holiday Makara Sankranti occurs. On February 22nd, the festival Maha Shivaratri takes place. On March 9th, a feast on the holiday holi happens. In April, Rama Navmi, Souram, and Yugadi take place for the arrival of spring.

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Lots of Hindus believe that the festivals are good to help the children learn more about their teachings.

The Hindus only had women for medics because they thought their gods wanted the men to do more important things. The Hindus thought very much of their gods. The people believed the gods acted like the sky. When it was sunny they were graceful. When the sky was being black and blanketed they were being angry. When it rained they were crying. When it snowed the gods were very cold. The Hindus also believed the universe was like an egg and they were the egg yolks.

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All the Hindus have similar traditions like the medicine method called Ayurveda. Most of the stories come from one of the Vedas. When they, make films they usually contain 18 or more songs. Agni is a sculptor the people worship. It is a sculptor of Agni one of the many gods.

The word Hindu came from a word in Sanskrit, Sindu (“river” or the Indus). The religion of Hinduism really started with the Aryans when they came and brought horses and the language Sanskrit. With the religion, they brought the belief in reincarnation. Everyone thought the gods needed them to worship them so the gods could be happy.

Today in the 21-century Pakistan and India have reached a conflict about who owns the country Kashmir! It isn’t all about that though another issue is what religion they follow. Muslim or Hinduism! It is in all the papers and it may go as far as a war. Also, another conflict is independence! Pakistan has that, but India kind of overrules with the religion part. This is interesting because Half of Kashmir is Muslim but the other half is Hindu! Who knows what will happen next!

This report states that there are still 7 million people who follow the teachings of Hinduism. This report also includes all the holidays, feasts, their culture, origin and their current situations a lot of people don’t know much about their history but there are some true and relevant facts.

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