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In Support of the Legalization of Marijuana

I think that marijuana should be legal because it is no more harmful to you than cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine, which are legal right now. Marijuana, also known as pot, reefer, weed, bud, herb, ganja, grass, wacky tabacci, funky bhudda, green, indo, Mary Jane, hemp, kif, bones, etc. is a substance obtained from the dried leaves and flowering tops of the pistillate hemp plant. It is technically known as cannabis Sativa and is a tall, widely cultivated Asian herb of the mulberry family. Here are some statistics for you to ponder over: ANNUAL AMERICAN DEATHS CAUSED BY DRUGS

  • TOBACCO 400,000
  • ALCOHOL 100,000
  • ALL LEGAL DRUGS 20,000
  • CAFFEINE 2,000
  • ASPIRIN 500


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Source: United States government. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Bureau of Mortality Statistics. I really find it funny that over 400,000 people have died from the use of tobacco products (be it smoking, or chewing), and over 100,000 people have died from drinking alcoholic beverages. Yet in 10,000 years of usage, no one has ever died from marijuana directly. Like any substance, marijuana can be abused. The most widespread problem attributed to marijuana is frequent overuse, which can induce lethargic behavior, but does not cause serious health problems. Marijuana can cause short-term memory loss, but only while under the influence. Marijuana does not impair long-term memory. Marijuana does not lead to harder drugs, if you get addicted; you have an addictive personality, so it’s your fault. Marijuana does not cause brain damage, genetic damage, or damage to the immune system.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not kill brain cells or induce violent behavior. Incessant long-term smoking of marijuana can cause bronchitis, but the chance of contracting bronchitis from casual marijuana smoking is small. Respiratory health hazards can be totally eliminated by consuming marijuana via non-smoking methods, such as: ingesting marijuana via baked foods, tinctures, or through a vaporizer. Marijuana was first harvested around 4000 B.C., George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp, 5 years after the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937 was passed The U.S. Department of Agriculture released the film “Hemp for Victory” to encourage farmers to grow it for World War II.

How about this: One acre of Hemp can make as much paper as 4 acres of the tree. The hemp plant can be used to make clothing and rope. Sterilized hemp seeds are found in birdseed. Marijuana can be used as a medicine to relieve or suppress the symptoms of nausea, pain, muscle spasms, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, migraines, and many more debilitating ailments. George Washing once said, “Make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere”. So tell me, why is the government hiding the obvious resource of Marijuana and why do they hide the fact that our forefathers supported it so much? Do you want the government babysitting you and telling you what you can and can’t put into your own body? Support the Legalization of Marijuana.

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