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Imperialism in Things Fall Apart

“Convert to Christianity, you filthy little piece of Shit!”, “You don’t deserve your land, so we are taking over and teaching you animals how to be more like human….more like us.” That’s what a European would say to a native Indian dude. Well….welcome to Imperialism. Imperialism is basically about countries bullying other countries, or taking over other countries. It is the domination of control by one country of the political, economic, and/or social life of another country. So During the late 1800’s British controlled the lands of India. During the time when India was under control by the British, there were positive and negative effects that were going on.

Well, if you want to look at the positive side then it would be best if I show it from the eyes of a British. I don’t think that many Indians were happy with their country to begin taking over. Imperialism helped out India and did a great number of positives things for them. The Europeans gave India modern thoughts, modern science, and modern life. The British build roads, canals, railways, telegraphs, and many other things. Because of the help of the British India gained new territories. The British taught them political peace and order. They also introduced education (western education). They treated India as if it was their “little brother”.

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“Little Brother my Ass!!!” would say a real true Indian to the British for taking over their country. See as I said, if you want to look at the negative sides then it would be wise if I show it from the eyes of real Indians. The British came to India and totally messed up what the Indians had….their own unique kind of culture, ethnicity, custom, and just shoved them in the trash can. They broke many of India’s finest crafts. They stopped economic development. The country’s poverty grew, and the standard of living fell. A real Indian like Mohandas Gandhi says that the English committed a great crime. They had given them no responsibility for their own government. And it is true; the English did almost everything for them as if India wasn’t able to do it by themselves.

As overall, I say that Imperialism did not do well for any country. The English gave the countries no responsibility for their own; they destroyed many of their things. They build railroads, yes it was good, but they destroyed many homes and holy places to build it. They thought that the other countries were helpless without them. They looked down on them. Yes, you are teaching them education….but you are not teaching them about their country, you are teaching them about the history of your own country as if their country’s history was nothing important. The British actually made the other country’s religion, government, culture, and other Things Fall Apart.

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