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Imperialism in 19th and 20th century

During the 19th and 20th centuries, there are countries that have more power than other countries, the likely hood of imperialism that occurs in those countries is very high and with the greed of some, bloodshed will be inevitable.

The world does not just revolve around one country, there are many countries in each continent, there are many different cultures in each country, and in each culture, there are different religions among the people. In the Conquest of the United States… by William Graham Sumner “We assume that what we like must come as a welcome blessing to Spanish-Americans and Filipinos. This is grossly and obviously untrue” (Document F). In other words, people like their own ways better, and do not like to be corrected for what they do not understand.

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There is an old saying “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” (Mohandas K. Gandhi) some countries will inherit imperialism because they would want to benefit from others but do not want others to benefit from them. They will fight for what they want, but not for what is right. In the poem by William Jennings Bryant “Take up the sword and rifle, send forth your ships with speed, to join the nations’ scramble, and vie with them in greed;” (Document D). This expresses that there will be disputes that will start because of each countries greed. Also in the Political cartoon “Uncle Sam Wished to add another star to his flag” (Document I). This expresses that Americans also are greedy.

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Americans in this time period have experienced many imperialism ideas and also some Anti-imperialism ideas. Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote a book in 1890 entitled “The Influence of Sea Power upon History” told the English, Germans, Japanese, and especially his fellow Americans that to imperialize others you need to have control over the sea which required a very strong navy force and structure.

Later on Rudyard Kipling, a British poet who was very laureate of imperialism drove America down the slippery path by expressing in “The White Man’s Burden” that the citizens of America should uplift the underprivileged and underfed and underclad of the world; in William Mckinley’s speech “that we could not leave them to themselves, they were unfit for self-government and, they would soon have anarchy and misrule over there” (Document A). After all the imperialism ideas have been sheared there are people who offend them, they are called the Anti-imperialists. These people include Mark Twain, Presidents of Stanford and Harvard universities, famous philosophers, and Andrew Carnegie; their ideas and expressions disfavour the principles of imperialism that were said by Rudyard Kipling.

The Chinese were one of the countries that were very weak at that time period, so the Germans, the Russians, the British, the Japanese, and the Americans got a hold of the land and economic markets in China. The Boxers Rebellion started in China because the Chinese people had enough of western culture and wanted to dominate China again. More than one million boxers rose up and killed every foreigner they could find.

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The Senator of Mass. George Frisbie Hoar stated “You have wasted six hundred millions of treasure. You have sacrificed nearly ten thousand American lives the flower of our youth. You have slain thousands of people you desire to benefit.” This most actually means that imperialism is a way to sacrifice the things that your country possesses for the things that your country wants.

This time period has engaged countries to imperialize others for the sake of their own needs and seek of power, but having done this there is a price to pay. Keep in mind that every country has its own culture and needs; others are just there for their own greed.

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