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Immigration Policies Pro or Against

America was built by immigrants. From Plymouth Rock in the seventeenth century to Ellis Island in the twentieth, people from everywhere came to America some were fleeing religious persecution and political turmoil. Most of them came for economic reasons and were part of extensive migratory systems that responded to changing demands in labor markets. In recent years, an increase number of immigration have course many America to believe that the country is overwhelmed by immigrants and urged policymakers to create laws that t discourage both legal and illegal immigrants. The controversy surrounding this and other policies has made immigration one of the most divisive public issues of the decade.

Pros for Immigration Policies

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  1. Immigrants help built this country (Helps started the industrial revolution. Ex The Chinese helped build the railroad and bridge)
  2. Immigrants come to America to start a new life and get a better way of living. (most the immigrant invest their money in the economy, and buy houses and open a lot of business thus helping the economy)
  3. New immigrant families use fewer welfare services than the average native families. (Because immigrants don’t receive social security or aids thus fewer people on welfare and more people working)
  4. Immigration introduce as to different cultural aspect ( Music, food, clothing, and language)

Cons against Immigration Policies

  1. It reduces wages ( makes jobs more in short supply for native)
  2. A large number of immigrant that comes to this country are not educated (account for 31 percent of high school drop out)
  3. Over pollution and increase crime (increase pollution and crimes)
  4. Terrorism (horrific attack of Sept 11)

Legal Aspect

  1. Filed: June 2000 To May 2002, in Florida
  2. Notes: In the case of young Elian Gonzalez, United States attorney Janet Reno ruled that the Miami relatives who held the boy were obliged to release him to the custody of his father for the return to Cuba.

Bible Aspect of Immigration

  1. Verse: Deuteronomy 27:19
  2.  Quote: “Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien.”
  3. Relation: This means that America should help immigrants who are suffering from the political and economic problems by giving them asylum.

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