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Imaginative Essay

My name is Alaric. I am a dog, but I feel like a human; because I stayed with humans for the first 3 years of my life, a really good experience where I learnt to care for people and also learnt the language “English.” Today I cannot speak but with my dog clan and other animals, I can speak it. From a young age, I had a burning desire within to become the king of a place like the lions ruled the jungles. I was left in solitude by the humans after the three good years I spent with them, which bought a lot of sorrow to my life. Prior to this, I was found by a dog clan that resided in the hills of “Zulu”: one of the most dangerous places to reside in. The lions were the kings at that time and the king at that time was “King Kane.” He was very fair to his subjects and treated all his subjects with equality. We all liked him as he always said “anyone can become a king.” But the decisions made by the lions were imperious.

At that time the political scenario was in bad shape. The animal congress party (ACP) had beaten the public animal party (PAP). The leader of the PAP was Christen. He was a lion and was ready to do anything to win the elections as he had been waiting for this time for ages. The Zeus’s were magical tiger-headed creatures with lion bodies. They were the guards of the king. They had the strength of tigers and lions and were unbeatable by the other animals. Christen was jealous of King Kane, as he achieved the feat in such a short span of time. He had a subject called “Krade”, who was a fox but the most intelligent and cunning person you could ever find in the world. Christen had told Krade to lure Zeus to kill King Krane as they would be rewarded later for their good deeds. Krade was successful and in 3 days the death of King Krane was announced.

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The situation was riotous now as none of the animals knew who was to rule them now. It was decided that Christen will thereafter be king. Our dog clan was aware of the fact and was assertive that christen was behind the murder. Along with us the rabbits, rats, elephants and giraffes were convinced about the act. The matter was taken to court, but the case was inexplicable with no evidence available. Christen was proved innocent and later christen oppressed the animals against him and threw them out of his territory. It was a sad day for the elephants, giraffes, rabbits, rats and the dogs as their beloved ruler were killed and they were now homeless with no one to provide shelter. But at that time the “Colo” kingdom ruled by the giraffes. They were not really strong but had a good environment to live in. We explained the matter to them and they provided shelter for us as they were friendly with the giraffes that were with us. We had to find a way to overpower Christen so that Zulu becomes a safe place to live in.

Therefore it was decided that we should announce war, but after we had a good and able army to defeat Christen. It was impossible to beat Christen’s army as he had the strongest magical creatures like Zeus’s, Cleptos, Disputes, etc. There had to be away and the responsibility to make an army was given to the dogs as they were considered the smartest creatures in the army. There was no way I could find a way to defeat Christen. Christen was unaware of the preparations being made by us. At that time I found a white smoke moving towards me which slowly turned into a human form. It was King Kane: the ghost of King Kane. He had told me that he had a book called the reminiscence, which contained all his memories of the ways to kill all magical creatures and places and ways to find the magical creatures. This was exciting, but it was in the dungeons of Zulu. I didn’t tell anyone about what happened. It was something I had to do on my own. In 2 days I reached the dungeons.

It was dark and gloomy. But after some time I saw a shimmer a few meters away. It was the reminiscence. It had a green wavering light around it. And as soon as I opened it a whole army of magical creatures was there in front of me and there were about 2000 swords in front of me which if ever pierced in any part of the magical creatures would result in them dying. War was announced and Kane was shocked as to why such a small kingdom of the giraffes wanted to attack him when they didn’t have any enmity. Every dog and every rat and rabbit were given swords according to their respective sizes and the giraffes and the elephants were given armour which would only break when hit by 6000 arrows and swords at once.

Christen was shocked by looking at the animal army in front of him on the battlefield. He now knew why he had been attacked by them. He could see defeat in front of his eyes. A lot of bloodshed happened but in the end, I killed Christen. It was decided by the ACOL (animal council of laws) that whosoever, who kills the king on the battlefield will be announced, king. Therefore I was king. My dream had come true as I was the king now and justice had returned to Zulu. All the kingdoms were safe now. Everyone lived happily, and I had created history in the “Zephyr: the book of history” to become the first dog king. Today I look back and I remember only one thing and that was “ANYONE CAN BECOME A KING.”

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