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Ideas for Writing “A View from the Bridge” Essay

Many essays are assigned for students doing English literature. These essays range from Romeo and Juliet essays to Robert Frost essays, Stanger essay or Christmas Carols to name a few. All these essays provide you with a better understanding of these literary texts and their authors and also increase your research and writing skills. One essay you should be prepared for and know how to write is the “A view from the Bridge” essay. Learning how to write an essay is not an easy task. Therefore, we have provided you with a few ideas on how to do so.

What is it about? A view from the Bridge was written by the same person who wrote “Death of a Salesman”, Arthur Miller. This was first done as a stage production, in September 1955, on Broadway. The play has a limited number of characters, Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their orphaned niece Catherine and Marco and Rodolpho who are illegal immigrants. Catherine and Rodolpho are extremely attracted to each other which does not suit Eddie. He sets about trying to break up the relationship. Eddie does everything possible to dissuade Catherine from marrying Rodolpho. In desperation, Eddie informs the Immigration Bureau about Marco and Rodolpho and their illegal status in the country. In the end, the play ends tragically as Marco kills Eddie because of his treachery.

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How to write the essay? Writing “A view from the Bridge” essay is not a difficult task if you know the story and understand it by reading it. It is also not a difficult task if you select a good topic. There are several topic options available to you. A Character Analysis – There are five main characters in the play. Therefore you will be able to write a character essay on any one of these characters. You can write about Eddie the hardworking longshoreman, Catherine the niece and the heroine of the play, Rodolpho the love interest, Beatrice, or the loud-mouthed but good-hearted wife. Writing a character essay enables the reader to understand that you have got a good grasp of the story and its characters.

Comparison between Catherine, Beatrice and Eddie and the modern-day family – This can be written as a compare and contrast essay where you will compare the family in the play to a modern-day American family. Is Eddie justified in trying to protect Catherine and how do you think a modern-day uncle would react to this situation? This is one way of writing an essay. Analysing the Themes and Plots – The play resembles very closely a Greek tragedy. You can write about the elements or the overall theme and plot of the play or the importance of stage directions and what it reveals about each character. There are many topic ideas that can be considered when writing “A view from the Bridge” essay. However, the topic alone will not get you a good grade. You need to present the contents of the essay in an organized, concise and clear manner. Only then, will you be able to submit a successful essay? If you need any help with how to write an essay, you should go through some essay examples that will provide you with a better understanding of how to write this essay.

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