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How To Write A Substance Abuse Essay

A substance abuse essay is one type of essay you will be assigned to do in high school. This assignment is an interesting one especially if you can find a good topic to write about. However, before you go any further, your task now is to understand what substance abuse is. Once you have an understanding of that, you can go about writing your essay.

What is substance abuse? People abuse various types of substances. When talking about substance abuse, the first thing that comes to mind is drugs. But, substance abuse can be more than drug abuse. Substance abuse can be drugs, alcohol and any other substance that results in harmful effects to the person abusing the substance. For example, substance abuse can be when someone misuses prescription drugs. That is when the person takes more than what is prescribed and does so for recreational purposes or because he or she is addicted to it. Then there are inhalants and solvents which are also considered substances and are abused commonly. For example, you may have seen some people sniffing paint or marker pens. If you see the same person always doing this, this person is abusing a substance.

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Topics for the essay. There are many topics to write about for your substance abuse essay. There are also many ways in which you can address your topics. For example, you can write this essay as an informative essay, a cause and effect essay, a descriptive essay or an opinion essay. Let’s take a look at some of the topics you can consider.

  • The harmful effects of substance abuse. This can be written as a cause and effect essay and you can research and find many harmful effects of substance abuse. For example, let’s take marijuana. Do you know that marijuana affects nerve cells and influences how they act? Did you know that marijuana causes the heart rate to accelerate? Inhalants, such as aerosols and volatile solvents, such as paint thinners heart failure, hearing loss, cognitive failure and many more?
  • How to Solve the Problem of Substance Abuse. This can be written as a problem solution essay. What are some of the solutions to this problem? You can write about educating children about the harmful effects of substance abuse. You can write about implementing effective laws against substance abuse.
  • Substance abuse disorder. This is a common disorder in society. You may know of someone who suffers from this disorder. If you do, you can write a descriptive essay about that person and how he or she came to become an abuser. Do not divulge the identity of this person. You can also write an informative essay on substance abuse disorder and educate the reader on this disorder.
  • Comparing eating disorders and Substance abuse disorder. This topic can be written as a compare and contrast essay. You can compare the two and write about their similarities and differences.

Writing a substance abuse essay is quite an informative one especially for you. By doing this, you become more aware of this big problem and, who knows, you may be able to stop someone from abusing substances with your essay.

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