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How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich essay

There is no better feeling than watching Family Guy and eating a nice peanut butter & jelly sandwich, with a tall glass of cold chocolate milk before going to bed. What else can you ask for? It’s like eating a piece of heaven while watching your favourite T.V. show.

After taking a nice warm shower, I go to the kitchen knowing that glory is waiting for me just inside the refrigerator. Once you open the refrigerator’s door, you will see my favourite couple in the world: Smucker’s strawberry jelly and Jif peanut butter. There is no way you could possibly miss those two! Once they’re in my arms, I feel like never letting them go. With the peanut butter and jelly in one arm, I try to reach for the Hill Country Fare wheat bread from the top counter.

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Then, I get a butter knife from the bottom counter and lay everything on the table. Once I open the jelly jar, that nice scent of sweet strawberry gets in my system and makes my knees shake. Opening the peanut butter jar without getting a little taste with your finger it’s just impossible. With one piece of bread in one hand and the butter knife on the other, I stick the knife into the jar and spread that dense peanut butter on the bread.

I make sure that every single cubic centimetre is covered with that delicious peanut butter. Then, it is time to put a layer of that delightful strawberry jelly on top of the peanut butter. I do the exact same thing for the other slice of bread as well, so that it can be bulky to a point that peanut butter and jelly come out in every single bite. I wrap the sandwich in a napkin leaving half of it outside and start to prepare the chocolate milk. I get a large glass of milk, pour that Hershey’s chocolate syrup and stir rapidly with a silver spoon. Once the sandwich and the glass of chocolate milk are in my arms, I walk quietly to my room so that I won’t wake up my parents.

I close the door, lie down on my comfortable bed, put a pillow on my lap and turn on the T.V. I get a watery mouth just by seeing that gratifying peanut butter & jelly sandwich in my hands. From the first bite on, chills go through my whole body and leaving me wanting more. The dark side about this wonderful 10-minute glory is that bite after bite, I see the sandwich getting smaller and smaller until it’s gone. Sometimes I just feel like standing up and making another delicious peanut butter & jelly sandwich, but then I realize it’s too late already to eat some more.

When people hear “peanut butter & jelly sandwich,” they say, “it is just a normal, easy-to-make sandwich”, but I say it’s not. To me, it’s not just a “normal sandwich”; it’s way more than that. It’s like a little kid eating their favourite candy, a dog rewarded with a treat, or even an NFL team winning the Super Bowl. It’s basically a moment of joy once I lay eyes on that mouth-watering peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Go ahead and join me and feel the sensation after every single bite as I do.

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