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How is the Theme of Loyalty Presented in “Julius Caesar”

Loyalty Is defined as faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause. Loyalties can conflict with each other, and what should be done then? One would have to choose, and in Julius, Caesar trust was broken. Julius Caesar was a great noble roman. A countryman, he was even respected by the people that conspired to kill him. Why would men that loved and respected him kill him? Loyalty is the answer. The loyalty for your country surpassed the loyalty towards your friend. If people had stayed loyal towards Caesar, maybe the country of Rome may have not been torn apart. The ways in which loyalty are displayed are Brutus turning his back on Caesar and helps in the murder of him when Octavius and Antony avenge the death of Caesar

Brutus was a good friend of Caesar and was very loyal to his country. His loyalty to his country corrupted him resulting in the murder of Caesar. Brutus was very weak. He was noble towards his country but was disloyal towards Caesar. “Et Tu Brute?” – these were Caesar’s last words, meaning you too Brutus? Cassius convinced Brutus to join the conspirators as they were scared that Caesar was ambitious and could become a tyrant. It wasn’t that he hated Caesar, he loved Rome more. This shows that he was a very weak person in the novel. His loyalty to his country blinded him for his loyalty towards his friend. He listened to Cassius and was blinded by his love for his country.

Mark Antony, another man who possessed loyalty. However, with Antony, loyalty towards his country and his dear friend did not conflict. Antony was a wise man. Not being sure of the conspirator’s plot, he gave them a fair chance to justify themselves. When Antony saw no reason for the death of Caesar he played smart. He did not verbally attack the conspirators, he waited. Because Antony was noble and wise, he waited. He gave the citizens of Rome something to think about. He turned the mob, who has turned against Caesar, for Caesar, against the conspirators, Noble Antony was willing to go to war to claim Caesar’s death, therefore showing his loyalty towards his friend. Octavius also helps avenge the death of Caesar.

They go to war against the conspirators and risk everything because they are showing their loyalty. their reward was Brutus and Cassius killing themselves with their own swords. The play revolves around the theme of loyalty. It is shown in two ways, the loyalty of Antony and Octavius by avenging Caesar’s death, and the loyalty from Brutus towards Rome rather than Caesar. If loyalty didn’t play a part in the play, maybe Caesar would have lived on to become the greatest noble roman of all time who has ever lived, and no war would have taken place, with Rome staying as a happy country

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