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How Does Place, Time, Language and Structure Effect The Story “Country Lovers”

Country Lovers is a short story about a girl and a boy. The special thing about the boy and the girl is that they live in South Africa in a town called “kraal” and the boy is white, and the girl is black. The girl works on the farm of the boy’s father. Her name is Thebedi, and the boy’s name is Paulus. They have been friends for a long time. They used to play together when they were kids, but they don’t see each other so much when Paulus starts school. They only meet when he is home for the holiday. When Paulus is 15 years old, he starts to meet other girls from the school for girls in the same town as his school. He meets a girl at a wedding where he is together with his parents. They are sleeping together in a bedroom in the house. But even though he meets new girls, he buys gifts for Thebedi.

When he comes home, Thebedi and Paulus meet at the river where they used to play together when they were kids. Paulus tells of all the things he has done at school and how the school is. One day in the summer, they meet at the river again. After a bath in the river, Paulus and Thebedi make love on the riverbed. After that night, they meet a lot of times that summer. When Paulus is 18, he gets his driver’s license, and the parents start to let him take care of the farm when they are gone on the weekends. Then Paulus and Thebedi can stay in the house. When Thebedi is 18, she gets married to a man called Njabulo. At the same time, Paulus goes to a veterinary college and doesn’t know about the marriage.

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Two months after the marriage, Thebedi gets a daughter. The baby is not dark as other African babies are. Paulus gets outraged when he comes home from school and finds out that Thebedi has got a baby. He walks straight to the house where Thebedi lives. He sees the baby and gets very mad. He says he wants to kill himself. Two weeks later, when Paulus’ parents are away, he walks down to the baby and takes the milk with which Thebedi feeds the baby. When he’s gone, Thebedi goes in and finds the baby dead. Thebedi goes to the police and says what has happened. After one year, the case comes up in court, and Thebedi has another baby, but it’s with Njabulo. But the court doesn’t have enough proof to say that Paulus is guilty. So the result was “not guilty.” After this, Thebedi and Paulus don’t see each other anymore.

I think the story is boring in parts, because of how it’s written, it’s not done very interesting. There is no tension build up in the story, and therefore you never know what the actors are thinking. Only one part is written indirect speech. Due to this fault, the story seems unrealistic to me. But I think the plot behind the story is essential because it shows the problems in the world with racism. Paulus is the perfect example of a slave of the system in which you can’t have your own opinion about having contact with people who aren’t like you. If he and Thebedi get the chance of a normal life, I think they would be happy and together. Thebedi is another kind of slave. She is more on a physical and psychological base because the whites have her body and mind. She must work for the whites and can’t be together with a white boy. The story is set in a village called kraal in South Africa. The location is on a small hilltop surrounded by lots of green land and trees. The view given to us by the reader is that it’s set in the countryside and is near a lake.


The black girl Thebedi is one of the main characters in the story “Country Lovers,” written by Nadine Gordimer. She lives in South Africa under apartheid, so she hasn’t as many rights as whites do and has to keep the love with the white boy Paulus Eysendyck secretly. Before she gets a baby from him when she is eighteen, she had a friendship with him for many years, and she helped him by working on his farm. Therefore she also got gifts from Paulus. But then she gets married at the same time to a black boy called Njabulo. Thebedi has never been to a real school like a school for whites, so she is poor like the whole kraal, which is the place where she lives. Never less she is quite a romantic person, so, for example, she likes sitting near a river and just watching a sunrise or other things.

Paulus Eysendyck is the son of a white farmer in South Africa. Paulus is a very sportive boy and quite attractive. He has a good education compared to black people, who have to work and don’t get a good school education. While he visits a veterinary college, he begins a sexual relationship with the black girl Thebedi. Thebedi and Paulus were previously friends and played together when they were children. Soon Thebedi gets pregnant, but in South Africa, it isn’t allowed to have sexual intercourse between black and white people. Therefore he wants to hide it, and that’s why he kills the infant. He is very selfish and spoilt. He isn’t interested in his own mistakes because, generally, only his own opinion is right. So, for example, he can have sexual intercourse with a black girl, but it’s not his fault if she gets pregnant, but after realizing what he did after, I could see why I think he is at fault for his actions. However, he thinks that he has the right to kill a baby because he is white.

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